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Roll on next year

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2010

Once again we did all that we set out to do - thank you everyone very much for all your help and support over this weekend. It has been truly fantastic.

Bag packers - we achieved the amazing total of £570 - thank you so much for your efforts, you all thoroughly deserve to put your feet up and relax.

Down at the club we completed a tremendous two days of very hard work by all involved and although depleted on Sunday due to the bag packing, all our major objectives were achieved. Also, thank you weather.

What did we do? We did all this...

Covered the balcony in a protective astroturf covering that will protect the repair work from studded cricket boots.

Prepared the ground and wickets - it looks great.

Painted and repaired the fences and sightscreens.

Weeded the patio and painted the fencing around it.

Erected netting against the fences to stop balls going into the river.

Repaired the seating around the ground (thanks Colin).

Painted the bridge railings and seating (thanks girls).

Repaired the car park holes - that will make entering a bit easier.

Cut back the undergrowth on the car park.

Cleaned the changing rooms.

Tidied up the patio area under the balcony.

Put hoses and sheets back onto the covers.

Tidied up the river bank and surrounds.

We also found a disused letterbox which contained a letter from our electricity providers stating that our electricity supply was going to be disrupted in November 2009.

Thank you to those who not only helped but provided materials and to those who kept us going with copious cups of tea and food.

Again, thank you for all your help and support - pictures will be available shortly.

Roll on 2011.

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