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We’ve started so we best finish….

Posted in NatWest CricketForce 2008

What a six weeks – time has literally flown by but the good news from Red Lane is that we are progressing positively and moving forward, I think on schedule? The dream remains not just well and truly alive but increasingly a reality.

As I write this update we are just over a week off ‘D-Day’ and it is still all systems go. No-one is resting on their laurels – we have had a fantastic response from the community, local business and supporters but we all know we are at the beginning of the challenge and there is a mountain still to climb.

Best of all since our last blog, we haven’t discovered any new holes in the roof, although the recent snow didn’t help our efforts to keep the inside of the club dry!

Well where are we at? Let’s start at the top - plans have been drawn up for a new pitched roof and submitted to the Council for approval. But that has not meant we have stood still – a keen group of volunteers have knocked down several interior walls and re-bricked, and lintels added to provide much needed strength to hold the new roof.

Cosmetically new ceiling tiles and re-plastering projects are complete. Thanks must go to our own Arthur Daily, although at times he looks more like Claude Greengrass, alias David Sharp and Andy Higgins for their negotiating skills and the following companies for their support: Stocks Blocks, Local Building Supplies, Howdens Joinery, Farmac, CPD, Burmatex and BKM Carpets.

A new carpet has also been promised by Mercado for the lounge and entrance to the club, which is a relief to all as we can now ditch the existing and very dodgy pink pattern. No truth in the rumour the same design can be found in a previous Chairman’s bedroom!

The kitchen has been completely re-decorated including new units, re-tiling and painting – excellent news is that this is now completed and ready to be in action for the start of the season.

Much thanks to Keencost Kitchens for the units and Richard Whittaker and his company Verona Tiles for their efforts and support.

Richard’s skills have also been on display in the changing area, as his company has also provided the materials and labour for re-tiling the showers, toilets and most importantly the bar.

Visiting teams as well as our home players should also be in for a pleasant surprise this season as we have completely renovated the changing rooms. Everything existing has been ripped out, redecorated, and hopefully will provide a warm welcome for all.

Looking at the plans, I do worry overall it may end up being a little too cosy and encourage our batsmen to spend more time inside than in the middle! Personally however, I am delighted to be waiting delivery of the leather sofa for my corner (I wish…)

A special thanks at this stage to Dulux for their kind donation of paint – some of it already used internally and although we haven’t uncovered any budding Picassos, we have been quietly inspired.

Externally work has progressed well – despite the horrendous weather at times. Under the watchful eye of Rob Lumb, preparation of external walls is now complete – we have even re-built one stone wall. The good news is that the walls are now ready to be painted white – a nice job for April 6! Same for the sightscreens.

Robert Thornton (Dave to friends) - our opening bowler - along with resident builders Peter (I do not drink!) Scott and Richard (I will do that) Marrion have built a new main drainage area and new drainage channels to accommodate the new roof.

Finally the existing grass collection site or eye-sore was removed and the original wall re-built, which frees up much needed space in the car park.

We have also spoken to our local MP, Paul Trusswell and the Leader of Leeds City Council, Andrew Carter. Both were delighted to help and promised to front up on the day, whilst Andrew is already doing his bit providing free skips – we have used two and in desperate need of a third.

On the same day, we visited the Leeds College of Building, who again reacted very positively – they have promised to help with the roof and the building of the new scoreboard, as well as signage for sponsors.

I mustn’t forget Greenfield Bacon company, who have just come up trumps along with Yorkshire Tea, Richmond Foods and Farm foods, who through their kind generosity will ensure all volunteers will be fed on the 6. Also thanks to Coors and our Clark’s Brewery for their support.

Crucial areas, however, are still outstanding but we remain hopeful and determined to find positive results. We are currently awaiting confirmation for new windows and doors – we have a verbal agreement from (Connaught Baldwin, who are) a local firm to supply these free! What a coup that would be!

We are also awaiting final confirmation on the supply of roof trusses from local supplier Shires.

As regards the new heating system, including boiler, radiators and pipe work, we have met Morfitt’s and are now awaiting confirmation of their support to supply the necessary parts.

The media buzz has been quite interesting – Nick (Scoop) Higgins has been particularly active, ensuring our president Raymond Illingworth was interviewed by Jonathan Agnew on Test Match Special; and articles have appeared in the Yorkshire Evening Post, Pudsey News, Pudsey Advertiser, this is Farsley website, the Bradford League website and mentions on the local radio stations.

I think that covers everything – although I am sure I will have missed something!! Oh yes I remember the cricket season is just round the corner…

Look forward to catching up again soon – remember you can check out all the plans, gossip and latest news from the Ramdome by logging onto:

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