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Q: I live in Peterborough a City of 400,000 people with no cricket club for city centre dwellers. We have a huge young asian community and some bat and bowl in the nets and look pretty decent players but there's no proper pitch, no opposition, no coaching and no encouragement. All the pretty villages like Deepings and so on have well established cricket clubs with pitches and pavilions, scoreboards and leagues (frequented mostly by the white middle class people who can afford to live there). Can the ECB please investigate the City urgently and exert some influence, to capitalise on the success of the Ashes, and get young (often bored) white, black and asian kids in the city playing cricket. It will help give them some sense of direction, teach terrific values like sportsmanship and teamwork, be healthy outdoor exercise and bring an increasingly divided community together (47 languages are spoken in Peterborough - it's the home of the passport office and one of the centres for asylum seekers). We really need the ECB to start the ball rolling for us. Please help

A: Have passed this on internally to the Hunts Cricket Board for them to look at.