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Q: I am the cricket section secretary for Indian Gymkhana. The club is a feeder club for Middlesex and affiliated with the ECB. We are not a cash rich club and rely heavily on goodwill to move the section forward. A good pitch is the starting point for every club. Last season's pitch leaft a lot to be desired with too many drawn matches. Our ground team have done a lot of hard work over the winter to improve the wicket, but we now require the loan of of a Spiker at least two weeks. The spikes should go at least 2 inches below ground level. I am informed that this is something the ECB can help with. Can you please confirm. Thank you.

A: You are correctly informed that the ECB can assist your request for a loaned spiker for your square.

This can be obtained via the Middx County Board's Association of Cricket Groundsmen. There is a nominal hire fee, lower for registered clubs. The machine is a "Groundsman" and is capable of a 4inch penetration. I would strongly advise not to use a machine with just 2inch tines as this can cause problems with the upper soil profile of your pitches, detrimental to the playing performance.

Please contact the Middlesex Pitch Adviser, Steve Martin on 07967 183877 for details.

You might like to arrange for Steve to inspect your square and offer advice on how to further improve your playing facilities.

Joining the MACG would enable your club Groundsman to benefit from meeting fellow members and attend forums and demo occasions.

Hope this information helps.