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Q: Wondering if you could help, am a student at Stirling university and am writing a dissertation on Twenty/20 cricket being a new product devlopment of cricket and was wondering how the ECB developed the new game and made it the sucess it is? Did the ECB have a business plan in place when introducing the game? If so is it possible to obtain a copy? Also was the game test marketed before it was introdueced? Can you please help

A: ECB didn't have a business plan as such, but a lot of marketing research was carried out as to how best introduce a new kind of competition into the cricket season, what kind of thing the public were looking for, and what would appeal to the youthful, family audience we were keen to attract to county grounds - as a breeding ground for the cricket fans of the future. But this research material has not been published in full, no. All the counties were involved in this process too - and maybe that might make a useful case stufy for you, by contacting one direct to gauge the success at a local level.