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Q: I am fascinated by the numbers on the players shirts (what happened to the players selected between 605 and 620?- was it bad selection or all they all injured?) and tried to look up the list on the website. As I do not have excel on my PC, I cannot access it . Could the website also hold its information in rich text format for those of us who are less well off?

A: Here you go; here's those recent numbers for you:

605 IJ Ward
606 Usman Afzaal
607 J Ormond
608 RKJ Dawson
609 JS Foster
610 SP Jones
611 S Harmison
612 RWT Key
613 JM Anderson
614 A McGrath
615 RL Johnson
616 RJ Kirtley
617 ET Smith
618 Kabir Ali
619 GJ Batty
620 R Clarke
621 MJ Saggers
622 PD Collingwood
623 GO Jones
624 AJ Strauss
625 IR Bell
626 K Pietersen
627 SD Udal
628 LE Plunkett
629 IDK Blackwell
630 AN Cook
631 MS Panesar
632 OA Shah
633 S Mahmood
634 J Lewis