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Q: We are a Finnish cricket club (Empire cc - Helsinki) and we are looking to develop the first grass ground in the country. Maybe the most northery in the world? My query is much the same as the last one where you referred the person to their local County Board - problem is we don't have one! We are looking for a very ballpark figure to bring a ploughed field surface to the point at which it can be sowed and what's needed in the early days to get it to point at which it is all of acceptable outfield quality (we play on flicx mats due to the climate which makes a grass pitch quite impossible (freeze/thaw effects etc)) The site we have access to is a basic agricultural field, roughly ploughed at present. The site does not have any significant earth moving needs as there is only a 100cm drop across the whole 20 acre site. We would ony take a square of 130m X 150m. What might basis preparation costs come to (e.g. in the UK) to prepare the ground and seed it. What further treatments and plant needs are there in the two years or so needed before it can be used? (Assuming no major preparation issues arising from a soil test to find out how the site (soils) would react and compact on being tilled to a fine surface (drainage issues, clay content) and how they would react to play and further compaction/olling, and further assuming we do not need to add any top dressings). Hope you can help. Feel free to edit my enquiry down to a smaller size and reply in person if you wish.

A: A very interesting question - very nice to hear from you. Think you do need specialist advice, and from someone who understands the particular conditions you're going to face up there in Helsinki. Think you should drop the ECC office a line and make contact with them and see what help they can give you. Good luck - and keep us posted!