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Q: Playing in a midweek league game, I noticed that the non-striker was out of his ground before I delivered the ball, on the next delivery I stopped and held the ball next to the stumps to warn him that I would run him out if he did it again, he replied with, "You cannot do that anymore, they changed the rules so that you cannot be run out before the delivery." However in our innings my friend started doing the same thing, at which point instead of the bowler bowling to me, he threw it to the player at short mid on and he ran in and knocked the bails off. Can a bowler still run out a non striker for "stealing" ground or does he have to do what they did or can you not now be run out at all until the ball has been bowled?

A: Player can be run out, but the ball needs to be in play: the bowler needs to have begun his run-up. If in doubt, see the full Laws of Cricket on the MCC's website