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Q: Hello. My name is Arslan Shahid, 24 and I came to UK nearly two years ago and looking to stay as permanent resident as my home for rest of life. I have played one and half seasons till today with great success with Southgate CC(North London) though played school cricket for 10 years before. Club members regard me as a new talent with a similar off break action as of Jim Laker and a wristy opening batsman who played for 4XI, 3XI and now after continuous performance was selected in the same season for FIRST XI and SECOND XI teams who will be playing Middlesex Premier League in 2008 after promotions. It seems odd to do self-boasting in fans column though being a shy, quiet person but felt the right as I am a big England fan, with unlimited craze of playing cricket plus the push came from my club mates to ask for trials or a chance to show talent in any of the 18 county sides in UK before it gets too late and secondly there are no coaches in club who could put me forward to county coaches. I want to work very hard with 110% commitment not just by words by full practicality if given the chance. My questions are 1) Trials for any county (minor/competitive) by any coach who is looking forward in 2008 season and who should I contact to? 2) My qualification as to be considered as a non-overseas and for England after two years already living as ordinary resident? 3) Is there any age limits to selection in county or England level? 4) County and England Board policy towards equal opportunities regarding ordinary resident who are looking to stay as permanent resident considered as British? 5) Coach for pro training for off break bowling and opening batting? I apologize to write a long message but it will be much appreciated as it will give me a hope to analyse my future prospects.

A: Very hard for us to give career advice; it's definitely best to discuss this with your coaches at your club to see what advice they can give you, knowing your abilities better first hand. good luck!