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Q: Our league has just adopted the standard ECB eligibility rules for 2009 (Category 1,2 & 3 players). At our club we have several players not born in the UK but who moved here when young / to go to university and have been living and working here 7+ years in all cases. They do not hold UK passports but have valid residency/work permits. We are being told that they are all overseas exempt (3E) players and apparently the ECB have directed the league to this conclusion. As we have six of these players so they won't be able to all play every week. The league says any of the following will make a player a Category 1 player (or local): (1) I am qualified to play for England (2) I am a British citizen with 4 years residential and playing qualification (3)I have residential and playing qualifications that are identical to those required for English qualification. (4) I hold a passport issued by a Member State of the European Union. To our mind the players referred to should fit under part 3 above but the league is insistent that they should hold a UK Passport to prove citizenship. This must be happening elsewhere in the country as well - surely this was not the intention of the new rules. Thanks for any help/advice

A: We've passed that on to our Cricket Department so that someone can contact you direct