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Q: Couple of questions about this Q&A facility. 1. Who answers the questions posed on here ? 2. Can follow up info be posted. eg someone asks if something can be done, and they get a reply along the lines of , we'll look into it etc... So once you've looked into it or passed on their query, why not post up and say what you've done. 3. In response to a recent question re the series v WI being poorly attended perhaps linked to a lack of Live cricket on free to air Tv , you replied the series v WI was sold out. dont think so.!!! Such answers make people wonder about this facility. Dont get me wrong here Twelfth Man is a good thing to have, thanks to my membership I'll be able to see the Ashes tests this year, but as a cricket fan who loves the sport and has done for years its annoying to read such patronising answers. Rant over...bring on those Aussies!!!

A: Hi. ECB website team answer the questions; sorry it's not a threaded Forum so your second point won't work here without it looking clunky; it's a good idea though. If there's things that need following up we always do with the user concerned though. And re the West Indies series... no, we didn't say that, we pointed out that the Australia series was sold out, so the question posted linking ticket sales to television coverage was flawed. And definitely bring on the Aussies!