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Q: Hi our names are ashleigh and eleanor. we are currently in our last year at secondary school and studying b-tec sport and leisure. for one of our assignments we have been asked to research a national governing body for our chosen sport. we chose womens cricket as ours, we are very dissapointed that the level of advertisement for womens cricket was very little and only ten pages long. we thought that sexism was thing of the past, but still, at present day it continues. how do you expect girls like ourselves to get interested in cricket when they dont know anything about it?

A: Hello ashleigh and eleanor - we're glad you are interested in women's cricket, but think you're jumping the gun a little there - we have a huge section dedicated to the women's game with hundreds of news items and interviews, video, player blogs and masses of pages of information. If you have any further queries feel free to email us at