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Q: In the England v Sri Lanka test at Cardiff play stopped at 7:22 when the game could go on to 7:30 why?

A: The calculation as to the number of overs to be bowled was based on a 7pm finish as there is provision to make up an hour for time lost on that day (see 16.1.3a in regulations at First Class Regulations and Playing Conditions 2011).

Based on 7pm finish time the overs due were 48. 16.1.1a makes provision to extend the scheduled hours of play by a maximum of 30 minutes in order to complete the minimum number of overs for the day. At 7.22pm 48 overs had been bowled so play ended at that time.

As 42 overs were lost from day 1 (equivalent of 2.8 hours), play will be extended by 30 mins on days 2,3,4 and 5 to make up this time as provided for in 16.1.3b.