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Q: Hi, I shall like to catch at least one of the England vs. India test matches in India this winter (2012-2013), preferably the one in Calcutta (Kolkata). Since I live in the UK now, I was wondering if there was anyway I can reserve/book tickets for the match days while I am still in England. Speaking from experience, if the rush for Test cricket in Calcutta is still the same as it used to be 10 odd years back, then getting a ticket while I am there is next to impossible. Of course, with growing economy in India, rush to 5-day matches has diminised over the years as unemployment has dissappeared :-). Thank you for all your help. Best santanu

A: Hi Santanu - sorry, we have no ticket information from BCCI at this stage. As soon as we do we'll add it to the website in the Follow England overseas section