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Q: Can I put the MVP rankings on my blog? I would like to because they are quite relevant ot its topic. Ayesha.

A: We have an RSS feed of MVP news, but sorry the MVP rankings aren't available as a feed to embed on your blog

Q: I would like to know why Malinga from Sri Lanka has not been sighted for throwing? He may as well just stand there and throw the ball. He should be playing base ball with that action. I am pretty sure he is in contravention of the 24.2 and 24.3 cricket rules. Your comments please??

A: It's not for us to comment. That's something you need to raise with ICC

Q: What e-mail address should we use in order to give suggestions about the website?

A: Please email

Q: Are clubs allowed and what are the legal implications of using the ecb logo on our club website? And does it make any difference if we are a focus club?

A: We can't provide a copy of the ECB logo for use.

Q: I would like to use Rss feeds on our club website. Is there any information that must be displayed on the site when doing this and are images available for all news items?

A: Anyone is very welcome to use our RSS feeds as they like. If you're able to say it's come courtesy of that's great, if that's not possible, then we're just happy to see them made use of. They don't contain photos, just headline and a first paragraph.

Q: Hi, I am currently studying Sports Development at University and have to undertake a work placement. I was just wondering if the ECB would provide any opportunities for this? Thanks

A: Hi. Possibly. You need to contact our HR department via 020 7432 1200

Q: If a person outside England wins the competition on your site. How will he get the prize?Or is it only England's residents who can participate?

A: No, they're open to all TwelfthMan registrants. And, say it was a signed bat as the prize, we'd post to wherever they lived, UK or overseas

Q: Can only residents of England enter the competitions you have on the site?

A: No, open to anyone, unless there are specific terms and conditions excluding entry; but the current bat one is open to all those registered for TwelfthMan

Q: Do Entry level members get membership numbers?

A: No, they don't

Q: Why dont you sell the england cricket car stickers.I did recieve one free when i joined up as a ecb member.Or do you know where i can purchase one,Thank you

A: Sorry; these aren't available for separate purchase.