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A: Please contact supporters club Membership Services on 0870 444 3722 or

Q: dearsir/madam, I am a numerologist from india and a careful study of the dates of birth of all players playing the ongoing test at galle,srilanka reveals that this test would end in a draw. i could send my predictions on all oneday and testmatches.and before the toss. please be kind enough to let me know as to whom i must address my communication? with regards b.v.nagraj numerologist

A: Hi - thanks for contacting us; sounds very interesting, but not sure what we'd do with it

Q: how does ECB prmote safety as a governing body?

A: Not sure what area exactly you are talking about? maybe Safeguarding Children and Child Protection or in the pages in our Directives and Guidance

Q: hi when does the official ecb supporters club membership run from or is it 12 months from the date of purchase Thanks

A: It's an annual membership; 12 months from date of purchase

Q: Ho Do I Find Out What The Entertainment is on Finals Day At Twenty20 at Edgbaston on August 4th 2007

A: We'll be putting a media release out about this - full details in the Twenty20 Cup section in due course


A: Please email via

Q: Rules on Overseas players? I sponser Hitchin cricket club who yesterday sun 20th May won their cup match in the ECB Cockspur Cup. Can someone please explain WHY they have been thrown out for supposedly using an overseas player WHO actually has an ENGLISH ANCESTRY VISA & who's Grandmother is English? Any answers please?

A: Will pass your query on internally to our Cricket Department for them to deal with

Q: I want to obtain html code that I can put into our website that creates the link to ECB RSS feeds. Is that code available?

A: Follow the links from our RSS info page to get the necessary reader software to implement on your site

Q: Who are the members of the EWCB and what are their responsibilities? Is this information on the website?

A: Hello - there's lots of info on the website - specifically for about ECB as an organisation please see About ECB. Not sure what you mean by 'members of the EWCB'?

Q: I am currently a member of the ACU & S as an umpire. Chris Kelly of the ECB came to one of our meetings at Guildford. I would like to know how I become a member of the ECB umpires and how much it will cost? I have already paid for my membership of the ACU & S for next season.

A: Please see the ECB ACO - Membership page for full details.