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Q: My boss is a very, very, very big fan of cricket. I've racked my brains to think of something to get him for his birthday and would like to blow his socks off in a big (but thoughtful) way to show him that a) I listen to what he says b) I use my initiative and c) I can be resourceful. I've heard about people writing to football clubs and asking if footballers would sign cards wishing Happy Birthday or Congratulations for a wedding. Can the same be done with the English Cricket Team for example asking for a card to be signed by Andrew Strauss, Michael Vaughan and Andrew Flintoff'? Is there a route I'd have to go through to request this and a charge? Many thanks.

A: Sorry, we're not able to help with this kind of request.

Q: I would like to add my support to Duncan Fletcher.He has done a great job with the England team and still has a lot to give.he has the players and the true fans support.It is just the bellyaching of the press and media.Please pass on my best wishes to the team but most of all to Mr Fletcher. Noel.

A: Thanks Noel.

Q: Hi! We, at Samudra Software located in India, are a team of dedicated software developers. We are about to launch a cricket-based gaming website in January 2007 for the cricket-loving fans across the world just before the world cup. I would like to know whether you entertain ads on your website? If yes, could you send me the ad rates? Thank you!

A: Yes, we do take paid-for advertising. Please email us at with all you details/requirements and we will get back to you.

Q: how could i go about turning professional in cricket?

A: Keep playing to the highest possible standard you can - and seek career advice from those close to you, family, coaches etc as to how best progress your cricketing career within your local environment

Q: I was trying to setup an acoount with aecbtv but in the sample video it cuts in and out, is this because I'm in the US? and if so will it be corrected before the Australian ODI's? or at very minimum the World Cup 2007??? Mani reason I ask is haven't answered any of my England International programming questions, and Skysports won't be online for US till next year sometime. thanks, Chris G ESCC Member

A: Please see the terms and conditions of ECBtv for full details - but in short, ECBtv does not operate in the US because of restrictions in ECB's existing broadcast contracts.

Q: Is ECBtv going to be showing high-lights of the Ashes? If not is there a similar facility available from the ACB? Thanks

A: No, ECB doesn't have the rights. We will have a full package of exclusive interview material, coverage of press conferences - and a video diary with Ashley Giles. BBC has highlights rights in the UK, or see Cricket Australia.

Q: I am a student at the University of Central Lancashire. I am currently doing an assignment on the Institue of Sports Sponsorship, and i was wandering what relationship the ECB had with this organisation, and how much money or information you recieve from the ISS. Did the ISS have any inclusion with the England cricket team extending their sponsoship contract with Vodafone

A: Thanks for your enquiry. This is a question you'd need to direct to our Commercial Department. You can write them at ECB, Lord's Cricket Ground, London NW8 8QZ

Q: I like to buy a cricket bat & ball for my husband 50th Birthday. He is a great fan of cricket, we even went to India and watch the test. I am desperately in need of help where I can get a bat and ball sign by the england team, please, please can you help me. Thanks Cecilia Ridlington

A: Hi Cecilia - think we replied to an email from you on this too; sorry, ECB isn't able to help with these kind of requests. We have limited memorabilia signed by the England team, with the vast majority put towards charitable causes.

Q: I was wondering, on the Kent website they have a bulletin board. I think it was started so fans could discuss the redevelopments problems but it has begun to be a great way for the fans to discuss matches, selections and players recent forms. Without being abusive of course! It gives fans a chance to put their point of view over. It may not make any difference but it makes them feel better. Are there any plans for the ECB to start one? i think it's a great idea.

A: No, no plans for that. We've considered it over the past few years, but it would require total moderation to avoid 'abusive' postings, and we simply don't have the resources to provide that kind of facility at present.

Q: I am fascinated by the numbers on the players shirts (what happened to the players selected between 605 and 620?- was it bad selection or all they all injured?) and tried to look up the list on the website. As I do not have excel on my PC, I cannot access it . Could the website also hold its information in rich text format for those of us who are less well off?

A: Here you go; here's those recent numbers for you:

605 IJ Ward
606 Usman Afzaal
607 J Ormond
608 RKJ Dawson
609 JS Foster
610 SP Jones
611 S Harmison
612 RWT Key
613 JM Anderson
614 A McGrath
615 RL Johnson
616 RJ Kirtley
617 ET Smith
618 Kabir Ali
619 GJ Batty
620 R Clarke
621 MJ Saggers
622 PD Collingwood
623 GO Jones
624 AJ Strauss
625 IR Bell
626 K Pietersen
627 SD Udal
628 LE Plunkett
629 IDK Blackwell
630 AN Cook
631 MS Panesar
632 OA Shah
633 S Mahmood
634 J Lewis