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Q: I cannot receive the highlights programme from ECBtv. Every time I try to watch it I am told that there is something wrong with the transmission to Windows and that the fault is at your end. Please advise.

A: Please contact the ECBtv customer service desk at with all your details and they'll be able to look into it for you immediately.

Q: I was most interested in reading the names of the under 17 squad. There appear to be no youngsters of asian origin in the squad. Does this seem abnormal to you, seeing as there are thousands of them trying to get into the counties' various age groups? It appears very abnormal to me, for what it is worth. I would be most interested in anyone's thoughts as to why a higher percentage of cricketers of asia origin do not make it into the counties.

A: It's very simple, the selectors pick the best players available for any age-group team, irrespective of their ethnic origin, provided they are qualified to play for the side in question.

Q: I posed a question yesterday, which does not appear to have made the Q & A section. Is there a problem? If so, I am happy to receive an answer by email. Many thanks and best regards.

A: We don't always get to answer questions 'immediately', and we are not able to answer all the questions submitted.

Q: I wish to contact Bruce Cruse, National Development Manager, Facilities. Can you advise his email address please.. Also what is ECB phone number at Lords please. Web site overlooks this important item.

A: Our Contacts section does contain general ECB contacts. And details for Bruce can be found on our ECB Development Managers page

Q: i am studying btec at college and am completing a piece of work for my finals, could you please tell me how many people participate in cricket in these areas: Stockport, the north west and England, secondly how many clubs there are in the three areas and finally the average financial turnover for clubs in each area. Thank you Matt Myatt

A: For specific participation info for those areas it's best to contact the development staff at the local county board - so for Cheshire see County Boards for contact info.

Q: How do I add my club's name to the new Self Declaration Form I can print it but not amend it. I want the top line to read Loughton Cricket Club not just cricket club. Cliff Greenhill Loughton CC

A: If you mean the PDF version on the site, that can't be amended.

Q: I am writing on behalf of the Friends of Peasedown St John Primary School (registered charity No. 104250) in the hope that you may see your way to kindly donating a piece of cricket memorabilia to our cause. We are in dire need of extra support to keep our Charity going. We are hoping to organise a grand auction (our first ever) in April/May and are positive a donation from you would, not only raise a considerable amount for the children, but would also bring many more people along to our event who would not normally have come – and obviously bringing their wallets along too! We are a village 8 miles outside Bath and being a village do not have that many commercial concerns who could help us. Anything you could donate to us would be very much appreciated. If necessary I can provide further written information to you as I didn't wish to "clog up" your Q&A site. Thanking you in anticipation, Michelle Johnston, Secretary of the Friends to PSJ Primary School.

A: Hi Michelle - we can't promise, as we have very limited supply of memorabilia for charitable donation; but you can write with further details to ECB Communications Dept, Lord's Cricket Ground, London NW8 8QZ

Q: We have recently produced a club website. How would I register our site to be linked from yours?

A: See the details at Links and drop us a line with all your club site's info and we'll happily add a link.

Q: what is the qualification for a Pakistan test player to play cricket in our domestic leagues, i.e Central yorkshire league. Does he require a work permit.

A: Depends on the rules concerning overseas players for the league in question, and his personal status and ability to come to UK to live and work. Suggest you discuss further in detail with relevant league officials.

Q: hiya i have recently been set a sports operations management for my university course at southampton solent university i wish to use the ecb as an example therefore where can i find the following informaiton? a brief overview of the role of the ecb. and the ecb's mission statement. thankyou

A: Please see About ECB - ECB Structure - and Building Partnerships