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Q: Hello my name is adam and i am intereseted in seeing how the ECB works as a national governing body. The website doesnt clearly state what the ECB does to promote excellence within the sport and also mass participation within the sport is there any chance you could help me with this? I keenly await your reply Kind regards Adam porter

A: Not something that is easy to explain in this forum, as there is so much activity. You can look at all the initiatives in our Get Into Cricket section, all the activity at the National Cricket Performance Centre and England Performance Programme - and as a starting point look in detail at Building Partnerships, our strategy document.

Q: Wondering if you could help, am a student at Stirling university and am writing a dissertation on Twenty/20 cricket being a new product devlopment of cricket and was wondering how the ECB developed the new game and made it the sucess it is? Did the ECB have a business plan in place when introducing the game? If so is it possible to obtain a copy? Also was the game test marketed before it was introdueced? Can you please help

A: ECB didn't have a business plan as such, but a lot of marketing research was carried out as to how best introduce a new kind of competition into the cricket season, what kind of thing the public were looking for, and what would appeal to the youthful, family audience we were keen to attract to county grounds - as a breeding ground for the cricket fans of the future. But this research material has not been published in full, no. All the counties were involved in this process too - and maybe that might make a useful case stufy for you, by contacting one direct to gauge the success at a local level.

Q: I was just wondering if there is an address I can write to rather than send an email

A: Certainly - anyone can write to ECB at Lord's Cricket Ground, London NW8 8QZ.

Q: just booked for barbados for world cup 2007 how, when, where can i buy tickets for englands matches in barbados on 17th and 21st april 2007. Thank you

A: Have just checked the official ICC world cup site, and it still reads on ticketing: "An official media conference is scheduled to be held towards the end of 2005, to announce the details of the ticket launch for ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007. Once the date and time for the media conference are confirmed, the details will be available on this site."

Q: Hi, I bought a years membership to supporters club, ref: 105174. It hasn't arrived. Can you help? John

A: Please contact the ESCC Membership Services team on 0870 444 3722 or via

Q: Hi, I have a question regarding the ESCC and ticket ballots. I am already a member of the ESCC, and while your website tells people that if they join the ESCC they will be able to apply for inclusion in ballots it doesn't give any information about how to go about it. As a member I have never been given this info either, and I would like to be put into ballots for test tickets next year, but don't know how - please help! I think it would be useful if you had ESCC information on the site for existing members, not just lists of the benefits to encourage new members to join. Thanks.

A: That's a good point, sorry if it's not clear. Existing ESCC members will be able to enter ticket ballot for 2006 as well as new members joining. You should receive some info in due course.

Q: England as you know have just won the ashes, and they fought hard and did amazing as it has not been achieved for 18 years. On sunday i was near my local cricket ground and i saw a cricket team practising they had England written on their T-shirts and i thought it was a junior team and went over to watch and i wondered why they were practising with a ball that had some kind of beads in it so i went over and asked only to find out they were the partcially blind England cricket team! I just want to ask you why they don't get recognised i was disgraced when i found out that they had won a ten day test series over australia and do not even get fundraising to go over there and play when blind and listening to a rattle in the ball and manage to still be able to do what the england cricket team can do it a huge achievement!!! so why don't they get recognised they are just as good!!!

A: We gave coverage to the blind cricket team and their Ashes series on the website.

Q: Just a quick note I hope you don't find too pedantic. Cricket embodies a sporting spirit, an English ideal (mirrored by many other cricket playing nations, of course) one would hope is now being appreciated around the world. However, your website uses a lot of American rather than English spellings. Perhaps you're using a spell checker when putting up articles (like in the Steve Harmison Q+A from Lords) and have it set to American-English corrections? Please change it to use English spellings. Every little helps, keeping the language precious. It just isn't cricket otherwise. Thanks for listening either way. Great site.

A: We're all English and like to think we can spell; certainly not trying to use American spellings!

Q: How comes there is no dedicated e-mail address for enquieries to the ECB, Or if there is why is it so hard to find?

A: You can find all our Contacts here and Feedback and help here.

Q: I cannot find forthcoming international tests listed on the ecb website

A: Please see Tours and tourists