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Q: How does the NatWest Series point scheme work?

A: Points are allocated for each match Win, Tie or No Result, and bonus points in accordance with the system described below and the top two teams at the end of the Group Matches contest the Final.

Win, with bonus point - 6; Win, without bonus point - 5; Tie or No Result - 3; Loss, but not conceding bonus point - 1; Loss, conceding bonus point - 0. Bonus Points: A team that achieves a run rate of 1.25 times that of the opposition is awarded one bonus point. A team's run rate is calculated by reference to the runs scored in an innings divided by the number of overs faced.

Q: Hi. Looking at the schedule for the Big Bat Roadshow, you have the Melton Country Fair as TBC for Sunday 26th June. Can you tell me plse whether this is confirmed or not. Thanks in advance.

A: Checking this out for you internally - will update in here asap and on mail when confirmed.

Q: Hi, many congractulations to all, what a 20twenty it was! i was wondering if you can put the video of this 20twenty on the web site?

A: Sorry, under our current broadcast contracts we're unable to put full matches up online. You may think, well they're our matches we should be able to do what we like; but the TV contracts are hugely valuable to ECB, so we have to be sensitive to broadcasters' needs and protection of the rights they have paid for.

Q: hi, would it be possible for you to start up a FORUM / message board on this site? i mean some where for cricket fans to chare their view on cricket?

A: We have pondered this a lot. The trouble is with people abusing it - we have had that problem with this Q&A facility with people posting foul and abusive language. We obviously don't print that; but the truth is we don't have the resources to permanently moderate a forum.

Q: I now have a new email address but there does not seem to be any method for registering this. Help!

A: You can either email us your details to or set up a new registration with your new details.

Q: Why are there no lives scores between West Indies and South Africa?

A: There were - you can find the completed scorecard from the first Test in Guyana here

Q: I was just wondering where to find the dates / venues for the County games the Aussies will be playing on tour

A: Please see here. There are one or two still to be confirmed - with opponents to be decided depending on results of domestic knockout competitions.

Q: Where on this website can i find a link to set this one as my home page

A: Hi - we haven't provided that functionality. If you're using IE use the Tools_Internet Options from the menus. If you're still struggling, mail us at telling us what browser you're using and we'll do our best to guide you through it.

Q: Hi there - where on the ECB web-site can I find the Second XI fixtures for the County sides for 2005 - if they are currently not available, when will they be?

A: Hi - they can be accessed here. We're adding a 2nd XI sub-section to the Domestic section to make this info easier to find; and the fixtures will be added to the full fixtures database soon too.

Q: Can we have some up-to-date downloads on your kids page please?

A: Yes - we're looking at revamping that ahead of the new season; please bear with us.