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Q: I am a youth coach in training I am after getting location on where I get hold of a female cricket box. I have looked around the normal sports shops no luck.

A: Don't know is honest answer - could try your local Women's Regional Cricket Managers

Q: we have several girls just starting to play hardball cricket and i have been asked to find out if they are required-recommended to wear any protective equipment (other than the usual helmet, pads, gloves)? Thanks

A: If you have a word with your local Women's Regional Cricket Managers they can give you some first-hnd advice

Q: Hi our names are ashleigh and eleanor. we are currently in our last year at secondary school and studying b-tec sport and leisure. for one of our assignments we have been asked to research a national governing body for our chosen sport. we chose womens cricket as ours, we are very dissapointed that the level of advertisement for womens cricket was very little and only ten pages long. we thought that sexism was thing of the past, but still, at present day it continues. how do you expect girls like ourselves to get interested in cricket when they dont know anything about it?

A: Hello ashleigh and eleanor - we're glad you are interested in women's cricket, but think you're jumping the gun a little there - we have a huge section dedicated to the women's game with hundreds of news items and interviews, video, player blogs and masses of pages of information. If you have any further queries feel free to email us at

Q: hi i am a very enthusiastic girl cricketer and i really want to develop my game. county does not seem to be taking me anywhere however. can girls/women play for mens club sides? i want to increase the speed at which i bowl but i find that all boys around my age bowl considerably faster, what can i do to improve?????????

A: Yes, girls/women can play in men's cricket. As we said in a previous reply, we'd really suggest you sit down with your club/county coaches and see what advice they can give you. They'll be keen for you to progress, and will know your game far better than anyone else so be best placed to help you out.

Q: I recently brought a training aid for bowling for my 12yr old daughter, her bowling improved immediately. This device is simple, cheap & easy to use, why has it not been taken up by the ECB for all cricketers?

A: We'e not familiar with that product, but we'll pass on internally for information

Q: Hi, I'm just wondering when women's cricket is shown on tv as men's can normally be found easily but I'm finding it hard to watch any women's cricket? Lucinda, 12

A: Hi Lucinda. There will be some England Women's matches on Sky Sports this summer: on September 4 & 5 the NatWest ODIs against South Africa will be shown live

Q: Can you please let me know when all the venues will be finalised for the Englands matches against India & south Africa Womens teams

A: No fixed date for that - as soon as details are finalised and ticket info is confirmed we'll update on the Women's section of the site

Q: Can you please tell me which womens international team or teams will be touring here next year, thanks

A: It's not 100% confirmed yet, but potentially South Africa and/or India

Q: i am 14, but soon i am coming 15. I enjoy playing cricket and i am wanting to join a club. I live in Lincolnshire, is there any local cricket clubs for girls near me? If so, what age categorie do i join?

A: Please see Women's Regional Cricket Managers - if you contact your local one they'll be able to give you some potential clubs. Good luck!

Q: i am interested in going to see england vs new zealand at blackpool this summer with friends from school. i was wondering what age children are classed as for free entry and whether children have to order the tickets or can they simply turn up as the do not have to pay?

A: Good question. Children are classed as up to and including 16 years of age; and they don't need anything in advance, can just enter on the day. Hope you enjoy it!