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Q: Hi, I am 15 and I am really interested in joining a cricket club, but am finding it hard to find one near me, I live on the Wirral, could you reccommend any clubs near me?Thanks

A: Hi - if you contact the Women's Regional Cricket Managers they will be able to point you in the right direction and help find you a club and get playing.

Q: I am writing to express my disgust at the fact that the men's team was honoured for the Ashes win, but only Clare Connor on the female team. I consider that this is another example of discrimination against Womens cricket, and the women's team should have been honoured the same way as the men's team. Why did this not occur?

A: Presume you're talking about the New Year's Honours. That's not sth ECB picks - suggest you contact the relevant authorities!

Q: what is the eligibilty for a player to play in their National team,do they have to have been born in that country or have parents/grandparents born in that country.

A: Please see our page on Women's qualification criteria which you can download for info.

Q: I'm looking to join a womans cricket team in North/North East London, are there any?

A: Please get in touch with one of our Women's Regional Cricket Managers - and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Q: My little sister (10 years old) is a mad keen cricketer (off-spinner) and she is playing for Oxfordshire county U15 girls and Oxfordshire county U11 boys. She is a bright hope for the future and i was wondering what is the rules for girls playing in boys matches and what is the best route for her to take to try and play in a first class county senior side (or perhaps maybe England)?

A: Not sure about the career progression prospects - probably best to have a word with your local development officer who is the expert and can give you some sound advice.

Q: I play cricket for a Juinor women's county squad and i was wondering if there were juinor England women's teams, not that i would be good enough but i just wanted to know, thanks, Rachel.

A: Hi Rachel - yes there is an England Women's U21 side; and there are also various county age-group competitions which you sound like you play in, and junior Super Fours too as a progression and for talent-spotting. So you never know, you may well be good enough!

Q: I was looking at the stats and profiles section and was intrigued yet somewhat bewildered to find that Rosalie Birch studies for a BA hons in Linguistics at Brighton Uni when she actually does exactly the same degree at Sussex University currently. Is this a clever ploy to have two shots at every exam? Is it a scheme to get double lottery funding? or is it that your research is incorrect? food for thought eh? oh, and her middle name is spelt Anne. Many thanks

A: Thanks for pointing out the error - which is all it was! They are pretty close together up the A27! Anyway, our apologies, and we've now corrected that post-haste, and hope Rosalie has a great World Cup and helps the team bring back the trophy from South Africa.

Q: I am now living in the United States, near Boston, and want to continue playing cricket. I have had no success going throught the men's cricket association to find other women players . Can you please tell me if there is a women's cricket association in the USA that I can contact. Thank you.

A: Hello - can I suggest that you get in touch with the ICC's development manager for the Americas region who should be able to point you in the right direction - you can email them at

Q: Who are England playing in international women's cricket this summer - and when is the squad being announced?

A: England are playing New Zealand in five ODIs in the NatWest Women's Series and an npower Test - see our Women's International section for more details. The squad was named earlier in July - full story