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Q: Could you please contact me with an email address for CHRIS WOOD please.

A: We don't give out addresses, but if you let us know the nature of your query, either here or via then we will pass it on.

Q: I am the ground secretary of a club in North East Surrey. We are looking for a contractor to maintain our two grounds. We play senior league cricket and host county second XI and representative cricket. Are there any directories that would give me a list of suitable candidates? many thanks.

A: Think your best bet is to get in touch with {error} and see what help/advice they can give you for the local area.

Q: Hi I am looking to do the ground work at my local club (Flackwell Heath , Bucks ) Are there any groundsman courses you can recommend please . Tks alot Neil

A: See our Pitches section for information on Training Courses for Groundsmen and contact details for the IOG. We don't have any 2006 course info yet, but they should be able to help you.

Q: The ptich lengths for Colts game seems ot vary from you web site to the Cricket Club Management Manual Playing the game. Which are the correct lengths? Ages that differ are Under 9 18 yards on the Website 17 yards in the manual] Under 10 19 Yards on the website 18 yards in the manual Under 11 20 Yards on the website 19 yards in the manual Under 12 21 yards on the website 20 yards in the manual

A: The ECB Club Cricket Management manual ‘Playing the Game’ was published in May 1997. The recommendations have been updated at various stages, both to give greater consistency and to correct mistakes. The document on the website is the latest version and is what all junior cricket should be using.

Q: we are planning to install an artificial pitch and would like to do as much as possible by ourselves. anjy advice would be welcomed including depth of excavation, build up of base, materials etc and companies to use.

A: would suggest you contact our facilities experts at

Q: 2 years ago my club had a two lane outdoor practice net installed by a company recommended by our equipment suppliers.Since it was installed it has never really played as it should but last season it started to be quite unnerving batting on it as you could not guess what the ball was going to do,full balls would rise sharply and shorter balls would shoot along the ground.We have tried brushing sand into the synthetic matting as our suppliers suggested but that made no difference.Is there any way we can improve this or is it a problem with the concrete base

A: Not really a pitches question - you might be able to get some advice from our facilties experts

Q: As a local club member I have been asked to source specifications and preparation details in order that we at the club can self buid several practice wickets. As a small club funds are tight and a proffessional contractor has quoted in excess of 14K without the steel framework and netting. Please can you advise a starting point and any help that maybe available. Many thanks Simon

A: Hi Simon - can we suggest you make contact with our facilities experts at

Q: It is noticable that some clubs have moved the marked boundary in by 2 or 3 metres to be away from solid objects such as a fence, wall, etc. Is there a Safet y Requirement or Standard relating to the safety of boundaries. Especially with the development of sliding stops incidents of players colliding with obstructions just beyond the boundary appear to be increasing.

A: Have checked with our cricket department on this, and there is no requirement or directive in this area. Application of common sense in most circumstances, but clubs should increasingly feel confident to carry out their own risk assessments to look at this kind of thing and anything else pertaining to the layout of the ground etc

Q: i would like to know if there are any grants or similar that you can apply for, for new pitch equiptment i.e a scarrifier. Or are their any other ways of obtaining the use of this sort of equiptment being a small club at winton £4000 is a lot of money to raise to buy a new or used one. regards Sandra Shepherd Winton.c.c.

A: think you should drop our facilities experts a line in the Development Department - - so they can give you some expert advice.

Q: I am a student doing sportsturf and i have to write a assignment about drop in cricket wickets. I just want to know where i can get the information from ?

A: That's not something we have any info on; it is a technology MCC use at Lord's, so you may wish to try and contact them. See MCC website