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Q: Hi there, I am 16 years old and I am at Wellington College and I was hoping if there were any opportunities available for work experience during the Easter or Summer holidays? Preferably the Summer Holidays as I have GCSEs. Cricket is my passion and I would love to indulge myself in work experience at Lords or the Brit Oval. Yours thankfully, Josh

A: Hi. Thanks for the question. Can't say - you'd need to contact our HR department and see what the score was

Q: I am a welfare officer at a Cricket Club, and I am unsure if we still need to have parents, bar staff etc to complete Self Declaration forms? This process creates lots of paperwork.Or is it just the people who have to be CRB checked that are on the official list?

A: Best to contact our CRB team with your query - see Safeguarding Children and Child Protection for contacts

Q: Hi. I recently became a member of Twelfth Man.I am an Indian, living in Delhi. I am aware of your policies regarding volunteers,but since England are touring this November-December,I thought I'd write to you to say that I'd really like to help out in any way you need.I know about the language, food, travel problems that you guys face here, so if you need help, I'd love to do it. Debapriya

A: Hi Debapriya. That's a very kind offer; and we'll bear it in mind should the need arise. Hope you are enjoying the TwelfthMan membership. Best wishes, ECB

Q: Hi, My name is Vikas , I live in Bristol. I am a software professional I am very much interested to Volunteer work for ECB. I can be useful in the IT part of the ECB initiatives. Please get in touch with me at Regards Vikas

A: Hi Vikas

ECB doesn't need volunteers centrally - but there is sure to be demand in your local area from one of your local clubs. That would be a good place to start, to see what input you can give on your doorstep. If you need further contacts, then try your local Cricket Development Managers too who will be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and desire to get involved

Q: When will somebody reply to my many e-mails about my interest in volunteering and how to go about getting started? This is the fourth time i have contacted you. Yours, Michael schofield

A: We'll follow this up for you internally and get someone to get in touch with you.

Q: hi, i am raising money throughout 2007 for cancer research uk and require prizes or items to auction for various golf/cricket days, our club sadly lost a 1st team player to cancer last season so as secretary of fund raising and social events i intend to put huge effort into raising as much for cancer uk as possible, i have a letter of authority which i can send you a copy of, please help if you can, thanks in advance, eg Arsenal F.C are donating a shirt signed by T.Henry,

A: you'd need to write to us - you can email us at []

Q: Where could i find information about how volunteer coaches promote the principles of the long term athlete development in cricket?

A: Please see the page Planning for Long Term Success for info on the Long Term Athlete Development Model for Cricket

Q: Do you know how many volunteers are currently involved within cricket?

A: It's very hard to quantify - but we can say that about 50,000 volunteers participated in NatWest CricketForce 2005, which gives you an indication of how valuable a role they play in the recreational game across the country.

Q: Is there anything we can do to get involved with NatWest CricketForce 2006?

A: You can download the following document for outline information:

Volunteer opportunities - NatWest CricketForce 2006 (196 KB)

And get in touch with your local CDO for a list of registered clubs in your area.

Q: I was fortunate enough to be invited to the 2005 Oscas ceremony earlier this year. It was a splendid event which I enjoyed immensely. It struck me at the time that there must have been many really good ideas, not only from the award winners, but also from the shortlisted nominees and indeed from many others in attendance. Ideas for recruitment, fund raising, school links etc.... all these surely must have been considered when selecting the final award winners. It would be a great shame if this opportunity to share ideas and success stories with other like minded people went begging. It may take a bit of organising, but why not put a link on your web site to a word doc, or pdf of all the ideas for everyone to access.

A: We've done better than that and created a new Volunteers - Case studies and useful ideas page in the Volunteers section. If you've got any experiences or suggestions for addition, please send them through to us.