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Q: Will I be able to buy more than two tickets for the Ashes test at Old Trafford next year when the Twelth Man window opens?

A: Full details will be made available for each venue as their window details are confirmed.

Q: why is the free in ear radio offer still on the discounts and offers page when it was for last season not this season

A: The whole TwelfthMan section is being updated at present for the new international season, and that page too will be be updated shortly. Thanks for your interest

Q: Will you again this year be doing those Twelfth man interviews where you ask them questions such as 'Who would you take to a desert island?' I really enjoyed them!

A: That's good to hear. We probably won't do something quite like that again, but we will be trying to do exclusive behind-the-scenes content on an ongoing basis

Q: I attended the Adelaide Ashes Test in 2006, but was unable to meet any of the team after the match, as they left without stopping for any of the waiting fans. I am once again attending the Adelaide Ashes test, and would very much like a chance to meet the team for autographs and photos after the match. Today (Sunday) we were told they would be driving straight from the ground - isn't there at least one day when fans will have a chance to meet the team members?

A: The team do try and do that where possible; but their focus has to be on winning the match in hand and retaining the Ashes, which therefore tends to dictate how travel plans etc are formulated

Q: Why are some pictures missing from Lord's match at end August

A: If you are unable to find what you're looking for please contact us at with details. thanks

Q: Have you finished posting pictures from Lords for the 28th August. Only had picture taken but cannot find

A: Yes, they will have been by now; please contact with details and they will be able to help you further

Q: Couple of questions about this Q&A facility. 1. Who answers the questions posed on here ? 2. Can follow up info be posted. eg someone asks if something can be done, and they get a reply along the lines of , we'll look into it etc... So once you've looked into it or passed on their query, why not post up and say what you've done. 3. In response to a recent question re the series v WI being poorly attended perhaps linked to a lack of Live cricket on free to air Tv , you replied the series v WI was sold out. dont think so.!!! Such answers make people wonder about this facility. Dont get me wrong here Twelfth Man is a good thing to have, thanks to my membership I'll be able to see the Ashes tests this year, but as a cricket fan who loves the sport and has done for years its annoying to read such patronising answers. Rant over...bring on those Aussies!!!

A: Hi. ECB website team answer the questions; sorry it's not a threaded Forum so your second point won't work here without it looking clunky; it's a good idea though. If there's things that need following up we always do with the user concerned though. And re the West Indies series... no, we didn't say that, we pointed out that the Australia series was sold out, so the question posted linking ticket sales to television coverage was flawed. And definitely bring on the Aussies!

Q: Will there be any events during the forthcoming Ashes Series - particularly Test Match breakfasts ( like for the Oval Test Match last year). Could one be organised in Cardiff ?

A: Events for this year being finalised - full details on the site soon at Event Schedule

Q: Hi, with the county cricket season starting next week, I'm interested in the discounts that Twelthman offers for county matches. The relevant webpage on your website sets out discounts for 2008 matches. When will it be updated for 2009? Many thanks Chris

A: A good point. We'll check with the TwelfthMan membership team and update that as soon as we can.

Q: The last 3 competitions you have ran have been to win a cricket bat signed by the England team. The same person has won 2 of the last 3 competitions, don't you think that after you win a competition you should be unable to enter for a cetain amount of time especially when the prize is something you have won only a few weeks earlier.

A: It's a completely random selection generated from the pool of correct entries; but it's something we'll look at moving forward