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Q: Has the question part of "12th Man" been discontinued?

A: No - it's still working; subject to the up-front conditions: Please note that this is not a forum, or somewhere to post opinions.

Q: In many Twelfth Man advertisements in magazines there is often a line saying we'll even buy you a drink on matchdays. Please could you tell me when this has ever happened because I have been to England games but have never seen this.

A: That's a promotional line for the spirit of TwelfthMan, not something that's practically possible; although there are Member events, which is what this is referring to

Q: I've recently purchased tickets via Twelfth Man for the Ashes match at Headingley next summer. Is there going to be an option of sitting next to friends who've also purchased tickets via Twelfth Man? We made use of this option for the Cardiff match and it seems a shame that we can't do the same at Headingley.

A: We've passed your question on to TwelfthMan membership servives to get back to you.

Q: how are the ODI squad numbers decided.. when a new player is selected is he given the next available number in sequence or take on a retired players number. i have noticed that michael vaughan plays number 99 so i am struggling to work this out.

A: It's a bit of both to be honest. When numbers are clearly 'retired' they will be brought back into use eventually, alongside other numbers being allocated for the first time of use

Q: Where on the Twelfth Man site are the answers to these questions? Thanks.

A: Answers to the questions are published here right alongside. Click on an individual question to be taken to see the answer as well

Q: If I buy tickets through tweflth man and then cannot attend the games due to personal circumstances such as a death in the family, can I resell the tickets or is it better for the ECB etc if the seats remain empty?

A: We've no desire to see any seats at major matches empty; but the ticketing conditions need to be complied with; if in doubt please raise the issue, with the exact circumstances, with Membership Services quoting your membership number and the tickets in question

Q: Why is it that being a Twelfth Man Premium member does not guarentee you tickets for the Ashes but being a member of the Barmy Army can? One of the main reasons I joined was to ensure I was able to get tickets for the Ashes and I face the possibility that I might not, even though I go to at least 3 test matches each year at home and have even travelled to New Zealand to watch England play. I am wondering what exactly the benefit of being a member now is.

A: The benefits are clearly laid out on the site, and in relation to tickets it is 'as a member of TwelfthMan you will get priority access to the majority of Home International matches BEFORE they go on general public sale'. Please see the TwelfthMan section for further details. We can't comment on what ticketing rights other organisations may or may not have, and how many members they are able to provide that for,

Q: Has the Twelfth Man breakfast at Lord's been cancelled?

A: Yes, unfortunately that even has been cancelled

Q: Will TwelfthMan members have access to a Twenty20 World Cup ticket allocation?

A: If you are a Ticket or Premium member of TwelfthMan you will have access to an exclusive allocation of tickets reserved purely for members.

This allocation will be accessed via a ballot due to the expected high demand of these tickets. More information on the ballot will be sent in due course, however we do not expect the ballot itself to take place until September 2008 at the earliest.

Q: When will it be possible to sign up for the breakfast events at Lords and the Oval? Thanks.

A: We are just finalising the details and will let TwelfthMan members know in due course