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Q: Why is jerusalem not played when England play internationals at Lord's?

A: Lord's doesn't play out music through the in-stadium PA system

Q: why isnt luke wright being drafted into the team, he's been in the england team since 2007,gained a lot experience(asian conditions) but still he's being left out,despite showing his ability with the bat,ball and fielding in the recent big bash league. i wanna know what, the english team management is doing about it?.

A: Remember, Luke is recovering from injury; and in the meantime players have come in and performed well. We can't comment on selection specifics though

Q: Will England be able to counter the spin attack of Pakistan in 3rd test?

A: We can't answer that one. Read our tour news section for the latest views from the England camp. But the final proof will be when the match is played

Q: Hello sorry to bother you but I was wondering if there is going to be a new England kit for this year or if it'll be the same one as last year! Thanks!

A: Yes, there will be a new One Day shirt (worn for T20s also) and a new Test shirt this year. They will be released in April. All new training kit as well. All will be available in the Official England Cricket Store - and we'll promote on the homepage of as products are released

Q: Hello, I was wondering if there will be new shirts/kit released in 2012 or if there will be a change of kit the year after (or later). Thanks for your time!

A: We'll check with our Commercial Department and get back to you

Q: Why aren't they using the SWALEC Stadium for the West Indies tour of England?

A: It's not possible to stage matches at every venue for tours by individual nations - but they are spread out across an international summer

Q: What is the date for the fist South Africa test match?

A: July 19-23 at the Kia Oval

Q: What makes England's test cricket team different from others?

A: Not sure what that question means?!

Q: what do england eat for lunch & tea in test matches ?

A: It varies, no one set thing

Q: How do selectors reconcile their choices in relation to new players and "fill ins". I can understand sticking with the likes of Peitersen or Cook who may get out of form, but what of bit players like Morgan who are not recognized as "super" bats and don't bowl. Surly this is the place to blood inform players like Arul Suppiah who offer everything Morgan has and a lot more?

A: The selectors will pick the best players for the team at any given time. Think describing Eoin Morgan as a 'bit player' is rather disrespectful!