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Q: When will the victorious Ashes players be returning home and are any celebrations being planned for them here?

A: Many are part of the T20/ODI series now coming up in Australia, so planning celebrations very difficult, unlike for a summer series back home

Q: I want some of your members opinions about the Ashes as I am writing on this topic and direly need viewpoints to support my topic.

A: This is a Questions and Answers section

Q: Hi !! Is there no way to have a direct chat with any of the English Players??

A: will be coming soon via our Official ECB fan page on Facebook

Q: Hi..!! I just want to ask if ECB has any plans of touring Pakistan in 2011?. Moreover,good luck to English players for the ASHES 4th test, want to see KP back in action.

A: There's no tour scheduled for Pakistan in 2011; India next autumn/winter in 2011

Q: its just smashing to see us win but cant we do it with out the imports, i dont see the aussies having any would be better to see a true english side.

A: Every player playing for England is qualified to do so, full stop.

Q: HI, im an English cricket fan from china. my question goes to Mr.Miller pertaining the selection for T20 side against Australia. Why is it that Michael Lumb isn't included in the T20 side? He signed up to play in the Big bash and would be in it surprised me as to why his name wasn't in the list.

A: Can't comment on individual selections; but obviously not a place for everyone in the squad, and the selectors go with the best mix they think suitable

Q: Is there a new test shirt coming out before the Ashes?

A: No, current one will still be in use

Q: Hi, When can we purhcase tickets for ashes 2011/12? Thanks

A: Hi - if you mean the next Ashes series here, that's in 2013; and tickets would probably go on sale in the latter half of 2012

Q: Why do the players have numbers on the jumpers under the england logo. What does this mean or what do they reffer to?.

A: It's the chronological number for their appearance for England - see England player numbers for more info

Q: HI, iam now back into my cricket, playing, watching and going to see England play. As we are doing really well at the moment iam trying to work out the world rankings and wondering when i can shout out we are world No.1. Looking forward to shout out about it Please could advise where i find rankings Kevin

A: Hi - you can find all the latest rankings details on the ICC website