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Q: I was just wondering if the England Lions are on tour this winter and if they are, who are they playing against? Also, which players are in the squad?

A: They will be, yes. But nothing announced at present, either re itinerary or squad

Q: There is a valid argument that there is too much internaional cricket played these days.England play at at least 10 ODI's a year at home, 7 of these in one series. With the recent 6-1 loss to Australia is a 7 match series justified when a 3 match series means the chance of pointless matches is reduced. Would it not be better to holding a Twenty 20 internaional tournament each year involving England, the two touring test teams and Ireland and Scotland. 2 Twenty 20 matches can be played in one day so this would not produce scheduling issues. A 3 match ODI series can then be played against the 2 touring test sides. There should only being 3 tests played against each team rather than 3 and 4 or 5 and 2 match series with the exception of the Ashes or India/South Africa where England would just play one 5 mach series in the summer. As it stands England could be playing cricket on a possible 47 days but under my suggestion they would play a maximun of 41 days. There would no no excuse for player burn out, it would assist in the development of Ireland and Scotland's international sides and add an extra element of excitment wit a tournament to play for and no pointless ODI's where the series has already been won or lost by a team.

A: That's more of a statement than a question! but thanks for posting

Q: At the Oval Ashes test, as the players came out, Jerusalem was playing with video clips of Ashes tests over the years. Is this available to download anywhere?

A: No, we don't have that online - but we do have the Fans Jerusalem, which you can watch on the TwelfthMan Wall of Support section

Q: hi can you tell me when cricket tickets will be on sale when pakistan play australia in england july 2010. thanks

A: We'll post full details when the fixtures and ticketing are confirmed. Have no fixed date for this yet

Q: Hi, i was just wondering what the red and white wristbands that some of the players are wearing (Anderson, Broard ect) are representing and where i could get them form?

A: Hi. We're told they are for the Help for Heroes campaign, so guess they'll have a website

Q: When I was at headingley there was an advert with a cricket jingle. It sounded like Scouting for Girls. Can you tell me who it was and whether it can be downloaded or bought?

A: Sorry, don't know which ad you are referring to. We certainly don't have anything like that for download or sale though

Q: My name is Vicky and me and my dad love to watch cricket. For the past year my dad has been unable to get out of the house to go and watch his favourtie sport and I know if he had the chance he would love to grab a couple of player's autographs, my question is simply: 'Is there any possible chance of getting any player's autograph on the England side. Or is there someone else you can forward me to?'. I'm not sure if this really comes into any categories in this section, but would appreciate any help given (or refferal).

A: Hello Vicky. We'd love to be able to help. but we would simply be unable to satisfy the demand if we said yes to all similar requests. Sorry. We wish your Dad well.

Q: how many englishmen have carried their bats in test cricket and who are they are thanks

A: Without heading for the record books, sorry, can't tell you... anyone else want to chip in?

Q: Hi I'm an aussie cricket fan and was wondering if you could explain what is the significance of the three lions on the ECB logo ? Thanks

A: The three lions are a heraldic symbol for England, believed to date back to at least Richard the Lionheart (c.1200). The symbol has appeared on the royal arms of every English monarch since Richard the Lionheart, and is now accepted as the traditional representation of England.

Q: I am watching the 1st test at Cardiff and notice that there is a number below the ECB emblem on the Englan players jerseys. What do these numbers signify?

A: That shows the number player they are to represent England - please see England player numbers for more info