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Q: Any views on Sport England's cut in funding to the ECB for the next 4 years of grassroots development ?

A: ECB has lots of views across the area of government; but not something we can really tackle in this forum

Q: I belonged to a club that is now defunct but still has possession of a lot of cricket equipment. I believe I've herd that you have a scheme where such eqiupment can be allocated to people that might use it. Can you let me have any details if such a scheme exists please

A: Hi - not aware of anything like that running nationall - but if you contact your local Cricket Development Managers they should be able to suggest some way of passing it on

Q: What requirements must a cricket ground have to play test cricket, specifically the pavilion? Changing rooms, umpires rooms ect.

A: Can't speak for outside England and Wales, but for our grounds it covers far too big a list of areas to detail here, right through to press facilities

Q: Hi, I just wondered in what year the Performance Development Squad began and what it's main aims are? Thanks.

A: The first Performance squad was named in 2007 - there had been previous Development squads. The release from that year gives you some info

Q: I have seen several junior & senior players training with a device which seems to increase a bowlers accuracy & pace. I looked online & found several ex england players are endorsing it & Wisden gave it a "Highly Recommend" in their 2009 kit review. Why isn't it being used for our top players & future players?

A: Can't really comment on the merits of individual pieces of kit and whether it should or shouldn't be being used by coaches at various levels

Q: I currently play for my first 11 at school, please could you tell me the pathway any cricketer would need to follow to reach the England squad. - For example, what national age group teams and academies exist to support cricketers in their bid to play for England.

A: Hello. There's no guaranteed pathway to rise up to playing international cricket; and you shouldn't worry about timescales either as players can make rapid progress as teenagers but never play for England, or never be involved in top level age-group cricket, but then shine in the county game and progress up then. Speak to you coaches and tell them you're keen to move forward, and work hard, enjoy the game, and see where that gets you

Q: i want to be a proffesinol cricketer. ican bat and bowl very well what can i do? i am 9 can i go for trails

A: Very glad to hear your cricket playing is coming on so well. There's no surefire way to progress to being a professional cricketer, but the ambition you've clearly got is an important start! You need to get yourself a good local club where you can get expert coaching which will help you progress further. If you need any help in that respect see our Want to start playing? section. If you, or your parents, want any more help or advice please feel free to email us at and we'll always do what we can for you. Enjoy the rest of the season

Q: i am currently doing a A level in school and have been set a assigment. on how the particpation levels in cricket have changed over the last 10 years, also spectators in the last 10 years and wondered how the media coverage has changed. i was wondering weather there are any statistics.

A: You can find details of Participation on the site - this is the most recently released information. We'll see what other info we can send you via email

Q: There has been a lot of conjecture this year around our league, that the Fast Bowling directive may be relaxed for 2009. My son is 17 and bowls medium pace, but as he is very much line and length rather than raw pace, he could bowl many more overs than the 6 he was limited to this year and next as an U17. Other so called spin bowlers are of similar pace, but are allowed unlimited overs. How likely is it that the clubs, captains and if necessary parents can have a say on how many overs are bowled by juniors?

A: There are no changes in this area at present. If there's any updated information we'd post it straight away on the site for you

Q: What is wrist spin. I see it written in a bowlers profile but have never knew what it meant. Can you help?

A: Wrist spin is the term given to the way a bowler would use hand/wrist to put spin on the ball during delivery. This is different to finger spin, which is obviously using the finger(s) to spin the ball