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Q: I have been told that one of my grandfathers played for the British Army while he was a cook in the Royal Artillery in the First World War.They played either the Gentlemen or the Players, and I think it was at Lords or The Oval. I would like to confirm it and see how he got on.I have done a search on Google and Wikipedia which confirmed the existence of an Army team but can't find records of individual matches.Can anyone please suggest where I could get the information?

A: Sorry, but we don't have that information either. You could try contacting the MCC Library, a wealth of info!

Q: Is there any reports or links on the website you can direct me to that has information about participation rates in England or the UK for any year? Thank You

A: Please see Participation for current info

Q: Hi there - can you tell me how many cricket coaches are registered in the UK? Many thanks, Frank

A: There's an announcement in the middle of the month at Lord's which will give the latest figures....a very positive uplift

Q: Is there a website or somewhere I can get hold of the occupancy rates over the years of the main cricket grounds in the UK?

A: Not that we're aware of, no. You'd need to approach venues direct for that

Q: Would you be able to tell me where former somerset player Wes Durston is playing this season? I cant see him in any county squads,

A: Not aware he's been picked up by another county after being released by Somerset; so may be playing more Minor Counties cricket for Wiltshire this summer?

Q: Q Our CASC-registered club wishes to become a registered charity. Has the ECB model constitution been approved for such a purpose or is there another ECB approved model? Stuart H

A: Hi - can you make contact with our non first class cricket department to get some help at HQ - via 020 7432 1200

Q: How many colts clubs are there in the UK

A: There are approx 3600 clubs in England and Wales with junior sections. Can't speak for Scotland and Ireland

Q: What is the salary of a average domestic or test player? vic

A: Hello Vic. That's not something we can discuss - players have confidentiality of their central contracts; county contracts are not organised by ECB

Q: During the 4 decades between 1950 & 1989 England had the better ashes record in 3 of them. The 50s, 70s, & 80s (YES its definitely correct everyone!!),, But the Aussies held the urn throughout the 60s (1959-71 actually).. My question is.. Of the 40 year period of time, how many years did each country hold the ashes/urn?

A: That's a really good question. Being really honest, we don't have the time to add up all the months to give you a final tally!

Q: In the list of international players you list Roy Kilner (214) as having played for Yorkshire and Warwickshire. Is this a mistake? I think it was his younger brother Norman who left Yorkshire in 1923 to join Warwickshire. Roy Kilner played with Yorkshire from 1911 - 1927 and then tragically died following an unofficial playing visit to India in early 1928.

A: Thanks. We'll have a look at that