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Q: I played cricket with my 14 year old daughter on Saturday in a men's game and her figures were 5-0-16-6. Can you tell me what the best ever bowling figures are for a woman playing in a men's game

A: Those sound very good. But there will be no official records for that, as there's no central repository for collating them

Q: what are the white things that cricketers wear on their fingers when their fielding?

A: Hi - think we had this question from you on email and we weren't sure what you were referring to?

Q: what are the white things that crcketers wear on their fingers? thanks victor

A: Gloves! sorry to be frivolous, but we don't know what you mean?!

Q: In order to respond to a friend who clams that no women in her right mind would actually pay and watch an entire day of cricket. Approximately what proportion of women are there in the crowd watching an Egland test or ODI?

A: can't give you an exact figure across all international matches and venues - but suffice to say your friend is utterly wrong!

Q: Hi, I was just wondering if you could put me in touch with someone regarding fundraising. I have recently been made Social Secretary within our local club, that is primarily in charge of raising funds for the club which is, as im sure many other clubs are, not in the best financial situation. Any suggestions short of robbing a bank would be very much appreciated. Kindest Regards Paul

A: You best point of call to start with are our Cricket Development Managers - have a chat with your local one to see what advice they can give you

Q: what are the worlds participation rates for cricket???

A: You'd need to contact the International Cricket Council for help in that area

Q: We are a small village cricket club that has no constitution. We are looking for help in producing our own constitution. Can you help or a least point us in the right direction. Thank You G.M.Cobb

A: Please see the following file for download: ECB Model Club Constitution (90 KB)

Q: Hello i am currenty studying a sports course and i have to produce a report on cricket in the uk. I have to include the following things, would you be able to help in any of the following areas? Participation in the UK Financial Turnover Who Sponsors the Sport Currently? Could I have this ASAP Please?

A: Can see our ECB Sponsors and Commercial Partners - and details on accounts in our ECB Annual Report and Accounts 2006

Q: Local residents have applied to register our cricket field, which is owned by the council, as a Village Green under the Commons Act. The council is making worrying statements about the potential implications of village green status on the normal activities of the cricket club. Published material makes extensive reference to cricket traditionally being played on village greens and suggests that there are approximately 3,650 registered village greens in England. Do you know how many of those are used by cricket clubs and how I can identify those clubs?

A: Sorry, we don't have that information. Would suggest it may be best to have discussions with a local solicitor about the situation and possible implications of the registration and provisions of the Act

Q: Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Ben Watt. I am currently studying A-Level PE and part of my coursework is to write about Local and National sport. As I am a massive cricket fan and player, I have decided to do cricket for this coursework. I would be really grateful if you could send me some information about how do I could play for a county team and compete nationally and then play for the England. Also I would like to know about funding and the organsiation of the ECB, provisons for womens cricket and the disabled. Many Thanks, Ben Watt

A: Hi Ben

There is no one route to come through and play at international level; apart from needing a huge amount of talent obviously.

There is a natural progression through county age-group sides, into Second XI and county cricket; and the cream rising to play for England. But there could be various permutations depending on how quickly players progress and their abilities are polished.

You can find some info on funding and structure of ECB in the ECB section and ECB Annual Report and Accounts 2006; and on Women's Cricket and Disability Cricket too on the site