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Q: Can the ECB estimate the current number of participants of cricketers in the UK from the year 2005 to 2007?

A: around 250,000 adults; similar number of juniors

Q: How many people are currently employed in cricket?be it at a international,national or local level?all 3 needed as cricket is my main focal point in my assignement. Tom

A: There are just over 100 people employed by ECB. But we couldn't give you exact figures for the rest of the game in England and Wales, around all the counties etc; or for the game internationally

Q: Hello I am a student at Belfast Royal Academy studying a-level PE and for part of my coursework i am required to use my main sport of cricket in a personal exercise program. however i am finding it difficult to find any information on how cricketers training physically and what types of exercises they do which will benefit them when it comes to the match . Could you help me with this? Thanks, James Sherrard (cricket mad)

A: Hi James. An interesting question. Think the best route for you is to make contact with the Irish Cricket Union and see who you can get to speak to or meet in person who could give you some first hand experience

Q: did england cricketers believe god? if they believe who are they .

A: Can't say, as don't know to be honest. The players' religious beliefs are really for them to disclose if they want to

Q: Hi ECB Team .... Great Job you all do .. Just had a inquiry reguarding the u16s England Team playing the Australian u16s Team .. They played a 50 Over match yesterday & can`t find anywhere a score-card of the games etc .. Will it be on this site soon ? Or do you know where else I can keep up to date with there progress ... Thanks for all your time & help ...

A: Please see the Elite Player Development section - we post info up there as soon as we can on these and similar matches

Q: Greetings: I had asked this Q earlier and for some reason it did not get through? I live in the U.S.A. and know nothing of cricket except for what I have read. I recently found an old bat and ball dating from around 1910. I am interested in finding out more about these items. The bat was made by a master craftsman ( in my opinion ) and if there is anyone interested in more information I will pass on all I can. If not is there anyone there who would have an idea of whom to consult? Thanks George Valentine

A: Very difficult for us to help you without sight. Would suggest you search for a memorabilia expert to see what assistance they can give you. Good luck with your search!

Q: Hi there Im unsure what category this questions goes under but what id like to ask is this - I would like to use the ECB Logo & have it as a car sticker for advertising & i thought id best ask permission to do this to ensure i dont break any copyright rules. I hope ive asked the right section but wasnt sure where else to go. Please could you confirm if this is ok or not or who the right people are to ask & id be most grateful. Look forward to hearing from you Kind Regards Ben

A: You need to contact our Commercial Department and speak to our Licensing Manager

Q: 1)Can you tell me which player invented the "GOGGILY" Delivery?when it was invented?and why is it called a "GOGGILY?

A: A googly is a trick delivery bowled by a leg-spinner which spins the opposite way to the way the batsman is expecting. A very difficult skill for a leg-spinner to learn, but one which makes the best world class

Q: Can the ECB advise on an estimate on the current number of participants of cricketers in the UK and the number of registered club cricketers in the UK?

A: There are around 6,500+ affiliated clubs in England and Wales, with around 200,000 playing adults and a similar number of juniors

Q: Hi, I'm a very tall, and also very amateur cricketer who would like to start playing for his local team. The problem is that I can't find whites long enough! Where does Steve Harmison get his? I've a 38-39 inch inside leg, and all major manufacturers seem to stop at 37. My bowling is embarassing enough without also turning up dressed as some half-mast charlie...! Thanks

A: Sorry, don't know where Steve gets his! Keep searching, there must be a manufacturer who caters for tall fast bowlers - it must be fairly common!