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Q: how many people are employed in cricket in norfolk, east anglia and the UK

A: would suggest you make contact with the Norfolk County Board to get some details from them on local employment figures - please see County Boards for details

Q: Where, in England, may I purchase a 'nose sun protector/ shield' as seen on cricket players? I've found some in USA & Canada but they will not ship to UK Thank you

A: Sorry, don't know, not something we can help you with

Q: I am updating CRB checks for my club (in my CWO role) and have been asked again about relevance of checks obtained from other sources. The club has a number of teachers and headmasters who obviously have checks as part of their role. Can these be used for the cricket club as well? (I think I recall that the checks must be obtained specifically through cricket sources). Your reply would be appreciated. Many thanks, Phil (Black Country).

A: Hello Phil. Will pass your enquiry on to our CRB team internally for them to contact you.

Q: I am currently studying A Level Physical Education and my specialist sport is Cricket. One of the criteria for the coursework is to write an essay on the National Governing Bodies of the chosen sport. I was wondering if it could be at all possible for you to send me some information on the funding and sponsorship that you recieve as a governing body. Thanks Luke Hartill

A: Hello Luke - there is a variety of info on the site: see About ECB and ECB Annual Report and Accounts 2005 and ECB Sponsors and Commercial Partners

Q: Hi, please accept my apologies for being what some would consider to be a typical woman (!) but I have an opportunity to go to Sri Lanka with a friend who has won a holiday there, however, there is a restriction on the tickets that states it cannot be taken during the cricket season (it doesn't supply dates, unhelpfully!)...please could you tell me the opening and closing dates of the season? Many thanks in advance for oyur help, Emma.

A: Hi Emma - please see the Sri Lanka Cricket site for full details. Enjoy your trip!

Q: Can you please let me know the background to the name of the William Ansell Stand

A: William Ansell was a strong mover in the formation of Warwickshire County Cricket Club, whose home is at Edgbaston - please see for a full history

Q: Hi. Could you please tell me the name and club of the 12th man at the MCC v Sussex game at Lords on Sunday 15th April? Thanks , Emma

A: Don't know, sorry - suggest you contact MCC's cricket department via the MCC site

Q: hi there im doing a report on the effect on the economy that sport has in local areas i was just wondering what sort of jobs would become open when there was a big england game at lords and how many extra people would be working at the staduim?

A: Good question - to get some specific answers relating to a matchday at Lord's best to contact the MCC

Q: Hi there. I would like to know future strategies of ECB, please, hope you will answer this sooner, as i have a presentation to do next week. thanks.

A: Please see Building Partnerships which is ECB's strategic plan for cricket

Q: hiya, sonia here again. I really need to know some information about why was ECB formed? and who handled cricket in England and Wales before ECB? Please if you have any information or site links realted to these questions i would be greatful if you would let me know. Need it for my project but can't find anything on it so far!

A: see About ECB for some info