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Q: hiya, Sonia here again. Would it be possible to have a list of all the first class cricket counties?

A: see our Links - England and Wales counties for links to their sites

Q: Hi, i am doing an assignment and i want to know how youngsters in Wolverhampton can start playing cricket and where they should go. Also i want to know what initiatives the ECB are currently running or have done in the past to encourage cricket amongst youngsters in Wolverhampton whether it be in schools or clubs (names of the schools or clubs would help) thanks

A: You'd be best off contacting the Cricket Development Manager for the Wolverhampton area, which should be Staffordshire

Q: Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question regarding relegation and promotion of team(s) in a multidivision league. Lets say there are 8 teams in division A and 12 teams in division B, with 2 teams being relegated from div A to div B based on the standings at the end of the season. Which means that 2 teams from the div B will be promoted to Div A. Now lets say that team X which is seeded at position 3 in Div A decides to drop out and not participate next year. How should the relegation and promotion work. Should team Y positioned/seeded at number 7 in Div A be retained. Or should team Z positioned/seeded at number 3 in Div B be promoted. Please provide some guidance on this matter. Your response in the matter will help us alot. If possible could the response be emailed to me at Regards Anoop Desai

A: Not quite sure what to say to this one - there's no set way to decide all this, it would be for the league to decide the positions/rankings with whatever conditions they saw fit, or were agreed by the member clubs

Q: Hiya, i am writing to enquire about the revene ECB makes from different sources - as part of my Business In Action project. I wanted to know how much revenue does ECB make from thses sources: BROADCASTING REVENUE TICKET INCOME SPONSORSHIP PERIMETER ADVERTISING LICENSING INCOME PROMOTIONS SUNDRY INCOME I hope its something you can answer. Even just a ROUGH estimate would be a great help. Thanks.

A: You can our most recently published accounts in ECB Annual Report and Accounts 2005

Q: i am just wondeing if you could tell me how many people are employed at hampshire county cricket club as i am currently studying it at college. I also need to know the financial turnover for hampshire cricket for 2006

A: See related answer - again financial records for individual counties, not something we have here to hand. Sure their PR department will be able to help you if you make contact.

Q: Do you know the origin of why is it a DUCK when you dont make a score

A: Believed to originate from duck's egg, used to denote the 0 shape in the scorebook

Q: I have got some autographs from the west indies team that played at hastings in september in 1957. plus i have the commonwealth 11 and a England 11 from 1958 should i get them insured and were would i be able to find the team line up as i cant work out all the signictures.

A: Best to find a cricket memorabilia expert if you want an accurate valuation and to judge if you should have them insured above and beyond your normal household insurance. But we can tell you that West Indies played an LEG Ames XI at Hastings Aug 31 - Sept 2 in 1957 near the end of their tour of England. They won by four wickets, and the XI who played for West Indies were: NS Asgarali, AG Ganteaume, GS Sobers, OG Smith, RB Kanhai, FMM Worrell, BH Pairaudeau, FCM Alexander, R Gilchrist
DT Dewdney, S Ramadhin.

Q: I am interested in the history and significance of the ECB logo, particularly the three lions. Can you help me please?

A: Please follow this link to previous answers on this subject

Q: I am writing to enquire if there is any research material available regarding the forces exerted by players when bowling, relating in particular to the impact forces of the front foot when landing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: Sorry - we have no published research material in this area.

Q: we have a cricket club and we would like to get sky tv but they are asking for 490 pounds per mth for a commical liecence but someone told me if we go through ecb we can get sky tv for 100 pounds per mth is this true and how do we go about getting sky tv for this price

A: There is a reduced offer for affiliated clubs. Please see Sky digital subscription offer to clubs for full details.