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Q: hi im a student studying a2 p.e. Im looking to get extra information on what types of stress the elite cricketers go through e.g. lifestyle stress and emotional stress. And how the elite are able to combat them (stress management). if i could get the strategies the elite use, it would help me greatly. thanks

A: Think this is an enquiry best dircted to the PCA - the Professional Cricketers' Association. You can find their contacts here

Q: i am currently carrying out a final year disertation and would like to know where i can gain some information regaring how professional cricket is marketed in the uk??

A: You would need to contact our marketing/commercial department. Would suggest you write in with your full details, course etc and what you are looking for information on.

Q: As a part of an ongoing university report, I have been asked to look at a British sporting governing body and look at several aspects regarding the funding, history and structure etc of the organisation. I am struggling to find any information on the website ( regarding information on how the ECB is funded and also how it is managed. I am under the influence that the Chairman and his Board manage the ECB but I am looking at finding some information on how it is run exactly. If I could receive any information whatsoever, or be guided to any links on the website, your help would be very much appreciated in helping me not only complete my studies but also to help me gain a further understanding of the way cricket is moving and developing in this country. Thank you for your time Dan Cullen

A: Hello Dan - for financial details, please see ECB Annual Report and Accounts 2005 - and you can find general info about ECB's structure at ECB Structure

Q: Hi, i am a student at Highlands College and at the moment i have a lesson called Sports in Society. The first task requires me to find out figures about the financial turnover and the employment within cricket. I was wondering if you could help me with these two things. If you do not have any figures yourself please could you direct me in the right way Thanks Craig

A: You can find full financial details in the ECB Annual Report and Accounts 2005. Employment at ECB is c.150. We don't have exact figures available for all the counties and elsewhere.

Q: hi, im not sure whether this question should be under this category. i am a student studying physical education at a2 level. i have been given the task of producing an essay concerning the training aspects in cricket. i have to produce a 12 week training programme for a bowler in cricket looking to improve his muscular enurance to achieve good marks i am looking to get extra,up to date information on how to train for muscular endurance, how the elite train for it (specifically bowling). i will be greatfull if i could recieve information on the following, if possible, -the type of muscle fibre required(slow twitch, or fast oxidative glycolotic) -the methods of training done by elite(plyometric etc for benifinting in muscular endurance for a fast bowler) -how it should be done -the programme structure. (eg intensity, period done for)(what should be done in each week) -the goals that should be set -the training zone the training should be conducted in (i.e. 75%etc) -how the training is directed towards muscular endurnce -and any other information that may prove to be useful i am asking for a lot, and will be greatfull for any information. thanks again. turab

A: Hi - thanks for your question. That's far too technical for this forum - you need to find a specialist coach to discuss that with. Would suggest you try and make contact with your local county/club - or maybe start by speaking to the PE staff at your college.

Q: I would like a full list of Test Cricketers who have been Knighted.

A: We don't have that available - sorry.

Q: how many professional clubs are there in engand and wales?

A: There are 18 county clubs that are full-time professional.

Q: Can you tell me anything about the history of the of the three lions logo used by ECB and its predecessor. In particular why was it used in preference to any other national symbol. (I do know what the three lions represents, I just can't find any information about why it was adopted).

A: Please see this previous answer for details

Q: can u please tell me the number of cricket clubs that are in the uk?

A: Roughly 8,500 or so.

Q: I am a student at itchen college in Southampton, and for my BTEC sport lesson I need to find out the finacial turnover for the club, how many members of staff their are at the club and how many members are at the club. Would I be able to find this information out here and if not where can I get it?

A: Hi - not sure what you mean by 'the club'? If you mean a county club such as Hampshire, you'd need to make contact with them direct to discuss.