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Q: hi, can you please tell me how many people you employ and how many participants you have nationally. thanks

A: ECB employs circa 150 people. There are around 200,000 adults playing the game in club cricket, with the same number of juniors in clubs. Around 2 million kids in primary/secondary schools also playing on a regular basis

Q: Hi, daft question but, who makes/supplys cricket balls for a test match? Cheers.

A: Duke balls used for our Tests.

Q: Dear ECB, i was just wondering how many teams there are in the UK that are currently playing cricket in 2006. I am doing some research into the national scale of cricket and the income it has and the effect on the economy. I have taken Btec sport at college and i am currently studying 'Sport In Society'. Please, if possible, could i have some information of the amount of clubs in the UK and the kind of income they have nationally?? This wouldbe very much appriciated. Thankyou Adam Jones Offerton Cricket Club

A: There are around 6,500 clubs in England and Wales affiliated to ECB; and around another 2,000 not affiliated. Very difficult to put a value on club income nationally. You could contact a few locally and see what details they give you and do a national guesstimate from that.

Q: Dear sirs, could you tell me if there has ever been a bowler who could bowl eaqually well both spin and pace? If so would he be allowed to use both techniques in the same over or must he declare which technique he is going to use? If the answer to the above questions is yes how effective was he?

A: Best example would be Garry Sobers, bowled left-arm spin and fast-medium.
Run-up is obviously going to show to some extent what they're going to deliver.
Law 42 governs Fair and Unfair play; as long as within the Spirit of the game

Q: My family field a cricket team approximately every 10 years. We played the local village side Birdlip in Gloucestershire, where most of us originate from, last Sunday. We are looking to challenge another cricketing family in the UK to a match next season. Can you point me in the right direction (i.e. website) where I can start to make enquiries.

A: You could try the Play-Cricket - Cricket Exchange as a starting point.

Q: I run a very small cricket-oriented website and have always been intrigued by websites such as yours who can solicit an interview at the drop of a bat or ball as the case may be. How does one go about contacting county players, international players or women cricketers for an interview? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I'm at my wits end in trying to find contact details for any newsworthy players. Agreed that this may not be your remit but kindly assist me in atleast going down the right track so I don't waste the rest of my life trying to sort this out! Thanks in advance!

A: If you're running a website and want to be considered as media and to conduct media interviews etc then you need to make contact with the media/press managers at counties etc you are interested in featuring and see whether they are able to arrange anything for you. At international level, media have to apply for accreditation so they may attend organised press conferences/media events

Q: How many sixes has Nassar Hussein scored during his career

A: Not something that's captured in normal career stats.

Q: is there any published information available on the work being done with PVA treated pitches?

A: We don't have any information available on this, sorry.

Q: Being not ver good at playing Cricket I have spent the last 6 years training to become an Umpire. I am now a fully qualified Umpire at the age of 19, making me the youngest Umpire on the Sussex Premier League panel. Because I have very limited playing experience (and certainly none at County league level or higher) is there a possibility that I could Umpire at First Class Level?

A: No barriers - keep going as best you can at the level you're at, and see where it takes you!

Q: If you can, could you please tell me how mant Tests have Sri Lanka won in England? Thanks Also, could you wish Simon Jones a speedy recovery from me and I hope he gets better soon. Thanks again Patricia from Lincolnshire

A: Going into this summer's npower Tests, England had won seven and Sri Lanka four of the 15 Tests played between the two countries; of the seven played in England, Sri Lanka had won one, in 1998.