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Q: i whould like to do level 2 cricket coaching course but i am not in U.K lt me know can i do my this course in U.A.E?

A: Unlikely can be done - but please see our Coaching - Contacts to get further info

Q: My son is 12 and a very keen cricketer. I understand there is a very good coaching dvd by Graham Thorpe about facing spinners. I can't seem to get hold of this anywhere, any ideas? also can you recommend any other batting coaching dvd's? Thanks

A: Don't know about the specific Graham Thorpe one you mention. For general coaching enquiries please contact:

ECB Community Coach Education Department
Warwickshire County Cricket Ground
B5 7QX

Tel: 0121 440 1748
Fax: 0121 446 6344

Q: Sir, I am 16 year boy. I am mainly a right hand batsman. I want to know whether you can give me reference of Video Analysis by experts as I want feedback and suggestions from them to correct and improve my batting technique.

A: Hi - can't help you directly with video analysis. You need to speak to your coaches at your club/school...they will be able to give you the help you need

Q: my dads become a coach, deos he get any special offers?

A: See our ECB Coaches Association section for more info

Q: Hi i already play at county U15 level but i want to develop my cricket and get more recognised and i dont feel that i am already. what can i do? do i just have to pursue with county and try to get noticed through that?

A: Hi - if you're playing at county level, then you already have been noticed! But it can't hurt to speak to your coaches at county and club/school and see what advice they can give you; as they are the ones that know your game and what you might be able to work on to progress further

Q: I am 17 years old turning 18 in a few weeks. i live in leeds but i cant find an under 19s cricket team in this area to play with and i dont really want to play with the open age as there is no real chance of getting into domestic and then international stages. so is there any recognised cricket leagues or team in leeds that are of any use? thanks!

A: Hello Neal - you're best bet to get some local help is to contact the Yorkshire Cricket Board who will be able to point you in the right direction. Please have a look at their website and drop them a line

Q: Good Morning, I am a commitee member for Enfield Cricket Club in Lancashire. We have recently achieved Clubmark. I wondered if you would know how I can obtain a Digital image of the 'Clubmark Logo' with our registration number on it, in order for us to place it on our website? Regards Howard Kerr

A: If you can email via [] it will be passed on internally to our Development department for them to assist you

Q: Hello ECB, I'm interested in becoming a Cricket Coach and would like to know where to go to find out dates of enrollment and prices for the courses offered through the ECB. I visited the Coaching section but could not find the above info or contact info. thankyou, CG

A: Hello. Please see Coaching - Contacts

Q: I am concerened about the lack of protection given to some colts players by umpires when applying law 42.6 regarding the use of short pitched deliveries. My interpretation is that there should be little or no use of this type of delivery in colts cricket, as the ability of the young players to deal with them is very limited. Therefore, I wonder if the ECB should issue a directive on the matter, pointing out that 42.6 declares short pitched bowling to be illegal if the umpire, after taking into account the ability of the striker, considers it likely to cause injury. Too often I see umpires finding the use of the bouncer as a source of amusement, whilst neglecting their primary duty of protecting young cricketers.

A: Thank you for expressing your concerns about short-pitched bowling in colts cricket. In general we only issue Directives to cover areas of cricket that are not directly addressed by the Laws. MCC are the Guardians of the Laws and are responsible for introducing any changes that are felt necessary from time to time. In the case of short-pitched bowling the issue is complicated by the fact that the umpire is the sole judge of what is dangerous, and has to make that judgement for each batsman, so what might be acceptable in an Under 17 match might be unacceptable at a younger age and what is acceptable against a top order batsman might be unacceptable against lower order players. The umpires have a clear duty of care to the young players taking part in a match and should be umpiring the match in accordance with the Laws, including Law 42.6.

The ECB is developing new courses for umpires which will include a section on health and safety issues and on child welfare and we will look at the issue of short-pitched bowling as part of the development of these courses.

Thank you for raising the issue.

Q: As a coach / manager of a junior team I am getting very frustrated by the number of occasions that players are unavailable for matches due to football and rugby tournaments and festivals etc. I think that this is something that needs to be addressed by the NGBs rather than trying to resolve locally. Let's keep football for the football season!

A: Sorry to hear that. There is clearly a greater overlap between the winter and summer sport seasons than there used to be; and if football/rugby tournaments/tours are organised for the middle of the summer, or at least out of their normal season, then this will only increase the problem.