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Q: I am an ECB 2 level coach and am trying to find employment full time.I played for my county as a youth so have been involved in the game for 32 yrs.Could you give me any details of web sites that advertise vacancies or is it word and mouth as I am having no joy.Thank you for your help

A: There are Vacancies advertised on this site

Q: We took a group of under 11's th Headingley for the England v Sri Lanka One Day International in 2006 to provide interval / mid match entertainment. During our skills display an official photographer took a picture of our group with Paul Collingwood. We would ve very interested in obtaining a copy of the picture if possible. Please could you inform me how we go about this? Andrew Mitchell Junior Coach, Otley Cricket Club

A: Hello Andrew - do you have any more info on who the photographer was working for so enable to track this down for you? please email us at [] if you do.

Q: Sorry, I am new to cricket and not sure what category my question comes under but could you tell me what would happen if a team was all out in less than 20 overs? A game has to go for 20 overs or more for it to count as a result so would the team win if they got the over team out in less than 20 overs? I hope this is not a silly question!?

A: Hi Nigel. Not a silly question at all. Presume you mean in a one-day match: say if Team A bats and makes 50 all out in 15 overs, then Team B bats and passes their total in eight overs, it would count as a result with Team B winning.

Q: hi i am a 14 year old bowler from cheshire.cheshire do a coaching programme, but i was just wondering do the ecb or other england associated company do any coaching courses for young cricketers.

A: Please get in touch with our community coaching staff via and explain what you're after and they'll help you as best they can

Q: should i bowl line and lengh or just fast with variations

A: Bit of both probably. Whatever suits your style best, and your team, and the match situation calls for

Q: I am a young cricketer who has been chosen to play for cheshire.But recently my bowling has been of line and i have been falling away in my follow through.Have you got any advice for me.

A: You need to get your club coach or someone at Cheshire to look at your action in person so that they can spot any issues you may have and help you out.

Q: our local cricket club is investigating the possibility of setting up a summer cricket school to coach kids during the summer holidays etc. can the ecb advise what level coaches we will require, guidelines on no. of children per coach etc, insurance, etc etc. we are looking at possibly doing something for next year, so we have quite a bit of time to organise ourselves. who could assist and advise us??

A: Please contact your local Cricket Development Managers who will be able to give you some advice

Q: Dear Sir, My 8 year old grandson is fanatical about cricket (and is actually quite good!). He has been living in Dubai with my daughter and family and has had cricket lessons/coaching for the past year. However, the family has just moved to Kiev where unfortunately there are no cricket facilities or coaching. Could you please let me know if there are any cricket courses for children (intensive or otherwise) that take place during school holidays in the Hertfordshire area. Many thanks for your help. A. Peat

A: If you get in touch with the Hertfordshire cricket development office they will be able to help you: the Cricket Development Manager is Barry Humphrey on 01279 771 551 or As for out in Ukraine, might be worth getting in touch with the European Cricket Council to see what assistance they can give you in finding what cricket is being played out there.

Q: Could you tell me if there are any companies that sell reconditioned/secondhand bowling machines?

A: Not aware of any ourselves without searching the internet. Maybe have a word with your local Cricket Development Manager to see if they know of one in your area

Q: could you tell me the name of a cricet umpire called dickie

A: That'll be Dickie Bird