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Q: Can anybody let me know if there are any 'laws' or 'rules' relating to U12's retiring at 30 when batting? If there are, are these from the ECB? Are they only guidelnes?

A: Not aware of any.

Q: hi, im 16 and if i do take the level one coaching course, is there any part time work in sussex e.g coach with senior coaches, or if i take an umpiring corse can i get a part time job in umpiring games. i will only be able to do part time work as i ma currently taken my AS levels. many thanks

A: Your best bet is to contact the Sussex Cricket Board - see Cricket Development Managers for contacts - and see whether they can help you with info etc.

Q: Hi- Could you tell me when is channel4 Road show touring the UK, as i want to test my bowling speed etc (were else can i go), also were can i get trials for sussex, and were can i get some coaching by sussex. Could you tell me how can i raise funds (i.e. is there a governing body, or ECB can offer some), as my club (Southwick CC- sussex inviatation league) is starting to introduce a colts division, or atleast a younger side than normal (i.e under 16, under 17). thnaks alot ((and appologese for the excessive brackets)) .

A: You can find details of the ECB Cricket Factory - our roadshow. Re your funding - your best bet is to speak with the development staff at the Sussex Cricket Board - see Cricket Development Managers for contacts.

Q: Hi, I wonder if you can send me details or point me in the right direction for some fielding drills, small or large groups of players. I have searched the internet but have not found anything suitable. Thanks Alex.

A: Not somthing we have available on the site - please make contact with our coaching department direct to see what help they can give you: see Coaching - Contacts

Q: why isnt england improving in the odi form of the game?is it the lack of skills or they are prone to injuries???

A: The current crop of injuries to the squad certainyl don't help. But they won the 6th ODI pretty comfortably.

Q: How old do you have to be to take a level one coaching course?

A: Please see our Coaching - Contacts page and get in touch so they can help you directly and find the right course for you in your area.

Q: My 10 year-old son is keen cricketer for Matlock U11s. He is a good bowler but is worried about his batting! Do you have any advice for him on how to improve his timing of the ball?

A: As always, it's very difficult to make specific comment without seeing him in action, and seeing what needs correcting, improving or working upon. Our advice would be to have a private word with the coach at Matlock, and see what they think and what drills they can give you to work on through the winter and beyond.

Q: I am a Club and District Coach and would like to give out information on diet and fitness. Please can you tell me if you have any information or where I could find some

A: Hi - suggest you make contact with the ECB Coaches Association to see what help they can provide.

Q: Where can I get info, eg addresses/ contact details for primary schools in the UK where cricket is played as one of the sports at the school ?

A: We do not have a central/national list available for the general public. To find a school locally, please check with your local County Board

Q: I would like to contact Duncan Fletcher - I am a fellow Zimbabwean also now living in the UK and used to be a work colleague of Duncan's. I would like a message passed onto him if possible. He knew me as Sandi Field. Or if there is an address I could possibly use to get a letter to him? Many thanks - I appreciate the need for privacy.

A: You can write to Duncan c/o of the ECB at Lord's Cricket Ground, London NW8 8QZ. Send your letter with a covering letter.