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Q: I would like to take an umpires course can you please put me in touch with providers of such courses in my area.

A: Please contact the The Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers who will be delighted to help you.

Q: My husband is opening bowler for his club first team but he has never had any coaching. I was wondering if it would be possible to get him a couple of one-to-one sessions as a Christmas present. How would I go about finding a bowling coach to do this? Thanks, Ceri

A: Hi Ceri - very possible - best to get in touch with your local Cricket Development Officer and find some local prospects.

Q: Dear Sir/Madam I am a primary school teacher and my headteacher has recently been told that it is possible to get hold of some educatinal resources for curriculum areas such as numeracy produced by yourselves. Also she has heard that free coachin for our pupils is possible. Would you be able to let me know if you do produce any such resources and provide coaching. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanking you in advance. Miss V Patrick

A: Hello Miss Patrick - you can find some resources from our HOWZAT! pack available to download from the site in the various pages in the HOWZAT! section of the site. You'll also find a link to Cricket Development Officers, and your local one would be the best person to speak to about coaching matters; also our educational contacts for any issues re HOWZAT! or related matters. Hope this helps.

Q: would it be possible for a coach to go to my son's school next school term?,he goes to shenley court school in birmingham.or even a scout?

A: You need to make contact with your local Cricket Development Officer and discuss it with them.

Q: Hi, Im 17 years old, 6''5 and surprisingly for my height, am a leg spin bowler. Ive been playing senior cricket for about 5 years now and am always told i have good potential but there arent many ways of being noticed i feel in my county. I really want to improve my bowling and get it up to a really high standard, what coaching can u recommend? Also, i've heard about Terry Jenner. Will he be doing any coahing sessions for anyone to come along to any time soon? Thanks Rob Surrey

A: Hello Rob - really think this is something to discuss at your club, with club coaches etc and the people who know your game well and can give you first-hand advice as to how to take your cricketing career forward from where you are at present. Good luck!


A: This isn't something we can assist with through here. Players playing representative cricket come through the systems that are in place at a local, district and regional level for identifying those with talent and potential and helping them to progress. So keep playing where you are as best as you can!

Q: how do you bowl a flipper and a slider

A: There's a good section on leg-spin bowling with Shane Warne on the BBC Sport Academy website

Q: I didnt know that there were U15s trials going on and ill would really like to try out for the u15s because im very good. For my school i bat No.5 and i bowl off spin No.4

A: Have a word with your coach at your school or your club to see if they can help you progress, in your team and locally.

Q: Hi - can you please tell me things my club can do in are training thanks

A: That's quite a wide question, not something we can easily answer here. Maybe email us at to tell us a bit more about your club, your players, your coaching staff etc and we'll see what we can do for you.

Q: Greetings, I am currently doing my Post Grad studies in Coaching in Western Australia . I am a Bsc Sports Science graduate, have Level 2 Cricket Australia Coaching and have represented my country of Singapore in cricket. Where can an individual like myself, who aspires to become a high performance cricket coach, gain some sort of relevant experience in this field considering I come from a non test playing country?

A: A very good question. Suggest you go to our Coaching - Contacts section and make contact with our Coach Education Department and see what they can do for you.