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Q: Hi, my question is about school links and coaching in those schools. I am the schools liasion officer for my club and I coach in 4 different schools, what i would like too know is there any protect going in play too cover any young talent that I find and develope from being taken too another club? As it would have been my coaching that would have been wasted if the next big thing suddently gets spotted in a tournament and pick up by a bigger club (promised the world) and instead of playing for the club that developed and coached his skill we (the club) are now robbed of a talent that could help are youth team devlope. In football there is a 30mile radius until they are 16. But I know and understand that we cant put on of these in place and I also understand that parents have a say in this as well as constant changing of players and clubs at the end of each season. What I am enquiring about is more like a player from my club saw this kwik cricketer who bowled twice as quick as anyone in the tournament, as I coached him (privately) he asked me too get him signed up, but I knew that he played for a local rival club so I refused too, but what restrictions are there too stop any other club making a bidding war and making parents turn their kids away from this sport because team after team hassell them for their kids signiture. As everyone says they play by a gentlemans agreement but in fact if you had the chance too sign some kid who is 4yrs more advanced then the rest are, every team that is at the local tournament will try and pester his/her parents too get him too come along too their kids training instead.

A: Not aware of any such restrictions - and I'm not sure what kind of agreements any club can have with players as young as those you are talking about?

Q: hi I'm pro cricketer for last five years in uk. I'm in my country now, will u plz tell me when i can do coaching course? and if coaching course will be must for cricket player who want to come in UK to play cricket?

A: For coaching details see here on the website. There's no compulsion to have a coaching qualification to play in the UK, but it can only help you find a club I'd imagine.

Q: Not sure if correct category.How can we get the Nat West Roadshow to our Club. Early September there is a proposed fixture at our club against a Bunbury XI to raise money for charity. The Roadshow would be a good added feature.

A: I don't know how NatWest organise that - but I'll pass your details on to a contact and see if they can help.

Q: I have been searching the internet for information on the technical aspects of wicketkeeping, such as footwork etc, but I have been unable to find anything. Is there any books or videos you suggest could help me? I do have a basic understanding but would like to know if I am using the correct technique as I am having difficulty taking balls down the legside whilst standing up. Thanks very much

A: We'll pass on your question to our coach education department and get someone to get back to you with some information.

Q: I live in Cononley, West Yorkshire. And I really want to become a professional cricket player. I won player of the year, batter of the year and fielder of the year (U11 cricket league, upper airedale junior cricket league) - I was awdered them by two Yorkshire players. How do get noticed by professionals or go to trials? As I can't found out where to go.

A: Sounds like you play at a decent league/club level - so best to speak, or get your parents to speak to, your club coach to see how they think you might progress, and what chance there might be of being noticed and selected for representative cricket in your area/county as a first step.

Q: How can I off cut and in swing with fast bowling by altering how I hold the ball?

A: We don't have specific online resources that we can use to illustrate this properly to you - and there's no substitute for hands-on experience. So we'd suggest you get hold of the bowling coach at your club or school and ask them to spend some time illustrating the principles.

Q: What make of ball was used in the recent South Africa v England test series?

A: The Kookaburra Turf apparently.

Q: My sixteen year old son would like to take a foundation cricket coaching qualification (possibly level one or equivalent) so that he can assist his club's youth section for 2005 and beyond, and also find (part-time) employment as a cricket coach under the guidance of a senior coach as a number of opportunities have been identified. However, gaining access to a level one course has so far proved impossible. His own district cricket board area are upgrading their annual course to the new coach award course, which seems more aligned to the level two course and I have been advised that it is not recommended for 16-18 year olds. Therefore he has not applied for this course and, in any event, it is now full. I am aware that there are level one courses being offered elsewhere, but he is being refused places elsewhere because of the area/club (cricket district board area) in which he lives. I think this is most unfair, highly discrimininatory and hardly complies with Sport England's Equity policies, which, ironically, the ECB are asking club's to adopt! His club has a pro-active policy of encouraging its members to help out those who are younger in line with Sport England's "Club for All" and "Volunteer Management" guidelines, but the current stance on accessing coach education is hardly encouraging. My son is not the only prospective coach to be affected in this way. Where is his nearest level one cricket coaching course that he could enrol without being so discriminated against?

A: We have passed your query on to the ECB's coaching department - who will be in touch with you directly. If you have any general queries about coaching and coaching qualifications, you can get in touch with them via these contacts

Q: I'm an National A certified umpire from South Africa (the only one currently standing in South Africa) and am now staying in England studying. I also worked as Development Officer for the United Cricket Board of South Africa in the Zululand area before I left. I worked with boys and girls under the age of 18, and umpired at club level. Could you please give me any information as to whom I can contact to further my cricketing career here in the UK. Thanking you, Sandy Johnstone

A: Sandy: Can I suggest you first contact the ACU&S to see how your qualification marries up with their qualifications here. You probably need to gain some experience here in UK - ideally at good club level - and again ACU&S may be able to help - depending where you are living. If you ultimately want to apply for the ECB list, you will need to have references from either a County Club, Minor County or overseas board and have a relevant work permit to work in UK.

Q: I have played cricket for a long time in my life and have began to love the game. How would I be able to expand from my team and become better. Also where could I get a cricket coach from, in Essex?

A: Hi - don't know whether you belong to a club, but that would be your best place to seek local advice. If not, why not try the Essex Cricket Board who will know again the best direction for you locally. Best of luck