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Q: what is the suncream called that cricketers wear so it doesnt soak in it can remain seen

A: They wear a variety of products. Not one brand; and wouldn't want to promote one brand. Best to speak to your local pharmacist to get advise on particular needs

Q: Our Australian Overseas came to the UK to play cricket originally on a Youth Mobility Visa in April 2010, he then went home in December 2010, returned April 2011 and has not been home to Australia since. In March 2012 he got married to a British Citizen and now has a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit), this allows him to remain in the country for the next 2 years before receiving a British visa to remain. Our league thinks he is still classed as an Overseas Player but we think he should be classed as an Overseas British Resisident. Please advise his classification for Overseas player?

A: There are outlines in the Non First Class Rules and Regulations 2012 - but if you need specific help or guidance you'll need to contact our Cricket Department on 020 7432 1200

Q: When looking at batting statistics I often come across the term "completed innings" used as a qualification but cannot find a definition of the term. Please could you provide one?

A: Just means completed as in not in progress

Q: Hi, I was born in Malaysia 1968, Lived in England since 1969, (42 years), I have recently attempted to transfer clubs however the league secretary claims I should be classed as a category 1b player please advise as its my belief i am category 1a. Thank you.

A: Hi

please can you email with full details to and we'll be able to pass on internally for someone to help you

Q: hi im a overseas and wanted to know how would i qualify as a local player in england for local leagues(northeast premiere league) and county cricket.

A: Hi - please see our FAQs

Q: I am from pakistn I want to play cricket in england, i am a very competent cricketer, please guide me for that regard

A: Please see our FAQs

Q: My question is to Stuart Broad. I read somewhere that he likes physics. Well I'm doing a physics project on swing bowling and I wonder if he could give me some tips for it. Like how the seam position affects the swing and how the rough and smooth sides of the ball help in reverse/in/out swing.

A: Hi - we can't publish detailed Qs through to players from here.... but we will soon have a Live Chat facility on our Official England Cricket page on Facebook - so Like that and keep tabs on new developments with the players on our social media channels

Q: I am unable to sign up on STIX. I have tried all the ways but failed, creating problem in username.

A: Sorry to hear that - please see the Stix help page or the contacts page to request further assistance

Q: Where can I obtain Official ECB team sheets, I require about 2000 for a cricket league. I am the General Secretary. Regards Gordon Mason

A: Hello Gordon - please see ECB Team Sheet cards to download for download or further info. best wishes

Q: Hi there, i have recently come in to dispute with many people about the height of which a slow paced bowler such as a spiner can bowl 'til it is deemed a no ball ( full toss ), I had heard either on tv or from others and read that this had changed from shoulder height to waist height, same as fast paced. checked the MCC site and it currently says shoulder, but other sites recently updates have said waist. what is the correct height? Thanks.

A: The Laws of Cricket are as published on the MCC website, no question