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Q: has law 24.6 (no ball) ball bouncing more than twice been changed recently

A: Please see MCC website

Q: Q. I recently played in a 20 over match, in which the wicket keeper kept wicket, bowled (2 overs) and fielded is this legal under the laws of the game. Please could you clarify the matter if possible.

A: Yes, perfectly allowable. Unless specifically outlawed in the regulations of the competition you were playing in

Q: Hi im want to ask that how can i become a profesional cricketer? and what is the age that you can start at? p.s. im 14 years old and have got great amount of skill at playing cricket as im an all rounder and have can ball ether fast or spin

A: No easy answer to that one; best to speak to the coaches at your club and they'll be able to help you progress as best you can at present

Q: As secretary of a local league where clubs are affiliated to the ECB could you answere the following question:- We have a club who failed to complete the date of birth of an eighteen year old player on the teamsheet which was handed to the umpire. This resulted in the player bowling 12 consecutive overs contra to the ECB fast bowling directive which has been adopted by the association. What action do you think we are entitled to (or should) take against the offending club?

A: We'll pass that on to our Cricket Dept and ask them to contact you

Q: Our league has just adopted the standard ECB eligibility rules for 2009 (Category 1,2 & 3 players). At our club we have several players not born in the UK but who moved here when young / to go to university and have been living and working here 7+ years in all cases. They do not hold UK passports but have valid residency/work permits. We are being told that they are all overseas exempt (3E) players and apparently the ECB have directed the league to this conclusion. As we have six of these players so they won't be able to all play every week. The league says any of the following will make a player a Category 1 player (or local): (1) I am qualified to play for England (2) I am a British citizen with 4 years residential and playing qualification (3)I have residential and playing qualifications that are identical to those required for English qualification. (4) I hold a passport issued by a Member State of the European Union. To our mind the players referred to should fit under part 3 above but the league is insistent that they should hold a UK Passport to prove citizenship. This must be happening elsewhere in the country as well - surely this was not the intention of the new rules. Thanks for any help/advice

A: We've passed that on to our Cricket Department so that someone can contact you direct

Q: Hi My name is Hasan Khan I live in Peterborough, England. I am a right arm fast bowler who loves to bowl long spells. My top speed is 70MPH. I am 14 yrs old. I play for my school team and my club team, we won the hunts league I also played a few games for the mens first 11 (Peterborough town). I was wondering if you can offer me county trials for any county minor/competitive. Please say yes I need a big break like this and you can give it to me. I love cricket and I dream to play for england one day. Thank You. Write Back Please.

A: Hi there. Nice to hear of your progress. Trials aren't organised by ECB centrally. It's best to speak to your club coaches to see how they can help you move forward or get some regional recognition

Q: Is it possible that women's cricket is umpired by women, refereed by women, coached by women and only women being allowed to come and watch??

A: No, it's not! Women' cricket is played by women, yes. But is equally watched and enjoyed by both sexes, of all ages. ECB is promoting the concept of a fully inclusive game - see One Game for more information

Q: What age does person has to start his training in order to play at international level or even under-19?

A: No set age. From the moment you first pick up a cricket bat that could be the start of the path to international cricket

Q: How can a person become a professional cricketer. I mean that how does he start. From club cricket then under-15.17 19 and of course first class cricket and many more stages. Can you tell the steps or stages. thanks.Ayesha,12

A: Hello Ayesha. Yes, that would be one path. There is no one way to play pro cricket, although it's obviously only a very limited few who make the grade and get the chance. Progressing through county age-group cricket and into a county development and/or second XI squad and from there into the first class game; via an ECB Premier League; via university cricket. Lots of different ways. The important thing is to continue playing to the highest possible standard you can, and see how you progress. Get advice and coaching at your club and school; and importantly, keep enjoying your cricket

Q: who do i contact to have my bowling action verified? regards john.

A: Probably best to speak to someone at your club first if there are any issues