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Q: I am the captain an U15 cricket team in North Yorkshire, we play to a very high standard and I was wondering whether it was still posibble to enter a cup competition this year? If not can you give me the details for next year? Thanks

A: Hello Angus. Probably not possibly for national competitions; but there may be some within North Yorkshire, Yorkshire as a whole or your region. We'd suggest you get in touch with your local Cricket Development Manager or the Yorkshire Cricket Board and they should be able to give you some good local help

Q: Hi I am Fahad from Pakistan my question is that i am a pakistani club crickter & i am sindhi so the sindhis have no oppurtunity to play in Pakistani Crickter Team.So, i am really dishearted & i want to come in England & want to play for England.So plz help me.I am a student of MetricClass.

A: Hi - nice to hear from you, but not something we can help with. Please see our FAQs for info

Q: The laws of the game say anyone at the ground can be a substitute fieldsman. Is this law within gender?

A: Not sure which exact Law you're referring to; in any case regulations for the specific competition being played in may provide the ultimate jurisdiction

Q: As the Director of Engineering for RaceTech ( I advise the horse racing industry in the UK on technical matters. The industry wishes to adopt a similar method of light measurement to cricket to determine if it is too dark to race. Can you tell me what equipment you use for light measurement and how it is deployed. Many thanks.

A: Think you need to get in touch with our Cricket Department. Worth contacting us via 020 7432 1200 before Christmas or in the New Year to discuss further

Q: i am currently living in australia my father is from england and i am about to get my right to abode because i want to play cricket in england looking to get ahold of a club to maybe give me some accomodation and a job !!!!! How do i get ahold of cricket clubs is there a website or place i can look for these ??????

A: try out the Play-Cricket - Cricket Exchange

Q: Sir.....I donno how to explain but......Iam a great english cricket fan...its allways been a dream for playing for the english cricket team......when i was 5.....eventhough iam an Indian, i wish to play for england.....I know noone can directly get into the national iam ready to play county cricket...after all i can prove my talent there.....Iam an Allrounder right handed batsman and Right arm fast bowler.....i can bowl at the speed above 80mph...and i also know legspin....i've specialized in all deleiveries like legbreak,Top Spinner,Wrong'un(Googly),Flipper and Zooter....So Sir can u please guide me with the steps through which i can play county in england...Iam just 16now....i wannna put my effort....and Sir pls don't take it as a joke ....Iam damn Serious

A: Please see our Feedback and help

Q: I am curious about why Pieterson was run out in the 20/20 when he was clearly impeded by Pollock.

A: Can't comment on umpiring decisions - the officials make the calls as they see them

Q: Are you able to provide me with the ECB's definition of a "non qualified for England player" as our League (Readers Scarborough Beckett League) are seeking to formulate policy in regard to the playing of overseas cricketers in our League. It would be really helpful if we could have an answer to this questions in advance of our next meeting on 16th October.

A: You can find our regulations governing registration and qualification and other details in our Directives - Work Permit Criteria section

Q: hello ; I'm french and i just discover the game !! ( i discovered with the first ODI against india ) but there are some details that I don't understand ( it's a bit difficult !) maybe this question will make you laugh but i don't care . i don't understand the extras .... for example the (w) wrote next to a bowler name .... can you explain ??? PS : can we get the players's mail , to congratulate them?

A: Hi - that's okay, ce n'est pas un problem. W stands for wide. You can look at the Laws of the game on the MCC site if you really want to brush up your knowledge!

Q: are you out when the ball comes of the pads and gets catch

A: No. See the Laws of Cricket for more info