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Q: With shane warne bringing up the subject of qualifying for germany. Im an english resident but my mother was born in germany & my grand parents are german. Would i qualify to play for them on this information?

A: Think you'd better contact the Deutscher Cricket Bund

Q: Could you tell me what are the restrictions on junior fast bowlers? I know that they can only bowl a limited number of overs in a game but how many games can they play in a week?

A: Please see ECB Fast Bowling Directives for full details

Q: My brother and I have just taken part in a cricket course and both achieved bronze certificates in the ECB proficiency award scheme. We would like to know more about this scheme - the requirements for each level, the points scoring system etc, but we can't find any information on your website, despite it being an ECB scheme. Where can we find the details of this scheme?

A: Hi - we think you must mean the ASDA Kwik Cricket - Skill Awards

Q: Hello I am interested in playing cricket, i am employed and i get a lot of free time in weekends as a cricket crazy man i would like to spend that on cricket grounds. I stay in Guildford and would like to join people who share similar interest? Can anybody help? I won't be interested if its very expensive. Please advise... Many Thanks Chikku

A: If you want help in finding a club speak to your local development staff - see Cricket Development Managers for contacts

Q: Does the ecb fast bowling directive not now state the number of games/practices a junior player can do each week

A: Hi - they're as written at ECB Fast Bowling Directives

Q: In a recent Middlesex Colts Match, the batsman complained that the low sunlight was blinding him. I referred this to the other umpire and refused to stop the game until the sunlight got better. Would I be right to take the boys off until the light got better?

A: Not aware of any special rules for low sunlight in junior games

Q: Hiya i am a wicketkeeper and i am imroving with my wicketkeeping but i am not so good with the bat and i was hoping that if i work really hard that i can be a professional but i was wondering if you are a wicketkeeper do you have to be a good batter aswell which i am not good at yet Thanks Arshad

A: If you look at all the successful wicketkeepers of late, they do tend to be good batsmen as well, so they can hold down a lower middle order position at least. If there's competition between prospective keepers to get a spot in a side then being a good run-getter is certainly going to help

Q: Re: Contacting a county scout Thankyou for your reply, however my club does not have a U17 team (im 16) therefore i cannot really talk to a senior coach about my prospects as a player. Therefore, it would be really helpful if you could inform me the steps into contacting a county scout to watch me in a game. I play in the Middlesex County league Thankyou Your help will be much appreciated.

A: speak to the Cricket Development Managers in your area and see what playing advice they can give you

Q: hi im 16 years old and i play for the 1st XI mens team for my club, however, i was wondering how i can get in touch with a county scout to see me play in a game and decide whether i can be included in a county youth squad. Thank you

A: Would suggest you have a word with the coaches at your club first; they'll no doubt know who best to speak to to help you progress your career. If not, come back to us and we'll help you as best we can

Q: I am looking for a headcam video from a batsman's perspective facing a fast bowler and a spin bowler (any bowler will do !!) Is there any where I can find these ?

A: Sory, not something we've come across