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Q: Hi - Are there any directives on the amount of cricket a junior should not exceed in a day? I am aware of an U14 cricketer who is playing a 22 over match in the morning (44 overs total) and a 40 over match in the afternoon (80 overs total) giving 124 overs of cricket in a day. In order to play Saturday adult cricket, he has been told he needs to score 30-50 runs consistently in both matches. Does ECB condone this volume of cricket in one day for juniors?

A: No, there aren't. All guidance in this area can be found here: ECB recommendations for junior cricket. All clubs and leagues gave a duty of care towards all young players involved, but it is obviously hard for us to comment on individual cases without knowing the full circumstances.

Q: What do cricket scouts be looking for when you are spin bowling

A: Technique, ability to spin the ball, control, accuracy, variation, temperament in match conditions - that kind of thing

Q: I have to know how i join a cricket club in england coz i love english cricket. i am a good medium pacer. how i connect with you

A: If you're able to legally live and work in the UK then you should be able to find a club to suit your standard. You can try Play-Cricket - Cricket Exchange

Q: Playing in a midweek league game, I noticed that the non-striker was out of his ground before I delivered the ball, on the next delivery I stopped and held the ball next to the stumps to warn him that I would run him out if he did it again, he replied with, "You cannot do that anymore, they changed the rules so that you cannot be run out before the delivery." However in our innings my friend started doing the same thing, at which point instead of the bowler bowling to me, he threw it to the player at short mid on and he ran in and knocked the bails off. Can a bowler still run out a non striker for "stealing" ground or does he have to do what they did or can you not now be run out at all until the ball has been bowled?

A: Player can be run out, but the ball needs to be in play: the bowler needs to have begun his run-up. If in doubt, see the full Laws of Cricket on the MCC's website

Q: What sanctions are taken against teams flouting the ECB Fast Bowling Directives, in ECB Premier Leagues? It is fine having directives to follow, but if teams do not adhere to them, and are not subsequently punished for non-compliance then it would seem that the directives are pointless.

A: If you have evidence of them being 'flouted' we would suggest you raise this with your League immediately

Q: I am currenty studying Law at college in Birmingham. In our lesson we are constucting cases that we are going to debate against somebody else, and our case is related to cricket. I was just wondering if there were any uniform regulations within cricket that you could tell me about? Any help would bwe great and this would really help me out in defeating my opponent. Thanks. Chloe

A: Please see First Class Regulations and Playing Conditions 2007 for more info; if you need more help please email us at

Q: hey i play 2nd grade cricket in australia. im very keen to come over and play in the english compation. How do i go out that where do i start. Do you have any information about that? from matt lee

A: If you're looking to try and find a club then you could try the Play-Cricket - Cricket Exchange as a starting point.

Q: hello, i have discovered a love for cricket in my thirties and would now like to play for a team on a very basic level. where would be the best place to start looking as i am very keen to play but only for fun as i am a bit out of practice. warren

A: You could try and search for a club on our network; or get in touch with your local Cricket Development Managers

Q: We want to run some cricket sessions during the summer holidays but are unsure as to whether children playing with a hard ball will need to wear a helmet. Is it only when playing against adults a helmet is needed, or children too? Or is it only when using a hard ball?

A: when using a hard ball in practice sessions as well as in matches. Please see Directives - ECB Guidance on the Wearing of Helmets for full details

Q: Hiya i am 15 years old and i am currently playing for a cricket team and i want to really work hard to be a professional i just started to play at the age of 15 i was wondering is it too late to start playing at the age of 15 if i want to be a professional

A: Not if you're good enough. Keep playing to the highest possible standard you can and see how you can progress. Good luck!