Question and Answer : Playing cricket


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Q: If the ball hits the wicket keepers helmet on the ground as it is being fielded (after being hit & runs taken) do the batting side receive 5 penalty points?

A: See Law 41.3 on the MCC's website for full details. But yes, five penalty runs would be awarded if a protective helmet not in use and on the outfield is struck by the ball while in play

Q: I want to play cricket in england, i am a very competent cricketer, please guide me for that regard

A: If you are able to legally live and work in England then there is nothing stopping you from coming and playing here

Q: In my youth I took part as a 'trialist' in several county and minor county matches. Please are you able to clarify whether or not this rates as substitution or another title. I understand the law for substitute fielders but not for 'trialist'. Many thanks, Roger Sherwood

A: Hello Roger - it would depend on the competition regulations in place for the comps at the time. You couldn't have a triallist taking part in a full county championship game now for instance, unless they were a registered player and in the starting XI; substitutes being a different case, as you rightly say

Q: Hiya i play for a cricket team and they say that when you be playing there be someone from the lancashire CCC watching the whole team play and watching who stands out for an example footballer scouts they be looking at the way the player plays and his attitude to the game when there be someone from lancashire CCC what will they be looking for when they be playing

A: We wouldn't know who would be watching games from Lancashire. There is a progression from Premier League cricket to 2nd XI/county cricket, and the best and most able players do get a chance to progress through the ranks

Q: Hiya i am 15 years old and when you ask a county for a trial and you have done well and they think you are good enough what do they do then do you join the academy or do you get a professional contract

A: You wouldn't get a professional contract at 15, no. Whether you would get an Academy place or how you would fit in to their development set-up, that would be for the individual county to discuss with you.

Q: Living is SW11 can you inform me, with the exception of the Oval, where I can find indoor or outdoor kept nets that friends & I can use of an evening, say within a 5 mile radius? Would appreciate an email response please. Many thanks

A: You need to make contact with your local Cricket Development staff, which would be at Surrey - please see Cricket Development Managers

Q: My son is a fast bowler in the U14 age group. I understand that he can now bowl 10 overs in a match but is there any restriction on how many matches/ training sessions he can do in a week?

A: Please see ECB Fast Bowling Directives and ECB recommendations for junior cricket for more information

Q: The ECB provided 'Team Sheets' that can be passed to umpires before a game begins, giving the the names of players in the team and information relating to those who are Under19 and younger. Now that the ECB has issued a new directive demanding parents and carers of children who are in Under-13 and younger age groups to give written consent before they can play in adult matches, has an updated version been printed? What is the name, address, telephone no. and e-mail address of the person to whom we can contact to get a further supply of these forms?

A: We've passed on your details internally to our Cricket Department so they can get in touch and send you some team sheets

Q: I would like to start playing cricket with a local club but need some help finding one, can you point me in the right direction. Thank you Ben aged 7yrs

A: Hello Ben - if you're not able to find a club in local phonebook listings or other info, you can always make contact with the cricket development staff in your area. Their full details can be found in the Cricket Development Managers section. They will be able to tell you what clubs there are local to you with a suitable junior section and facilities. Good luck!

Q: Are there standards for academic qualifications of players wishing to play for England?

A: No, there are no academic qualifications required to play cricket professionally at any level