Question and Answer : Watching cricket


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Q: Does anyone know when tickets for the 2013 Ashes Test at Old Trafford will go on sale?

A: Nothing confirmed at this stage re full schedule announcement or venue ticket sales

Q: I've heard the ECB are reintroducing a 50 over competition, will it be a lengthened pro40 or will there be 4 competitions?

A: Please see ECB board welcomes Morgan Review for details of the proposals

Q: Who decides the itinerary for tours, I know about the FTP, but in particular who decides which format is Played when, As sometimes I've seen Tests Played before ODI's and T20's and other times Vice Versa.

A: The hosting board, in discussion with ECB

Q: whats the name of the song wich usually is played when our team hits a boundary or take wickets....its a song with a lovely house beat :)) pls help me thanking you all

A: sorry, not sure which one, as they use so many!

Q: What Time Do Cricketers Arrive Before A Test Match?

A: No set time, varies depending on the match day and venue; but usuually 60-90 minutes before start of play

Q: Not sure if this has already been answered elsewhere but, are any non-subscription, free to air channels showing highlights of this summers (2011) Test matches?

A: Yes, as with previous summers, Five will be showing highlights of all England home internationals in 2011

Q: Sorry if this has been asked before but have the ECB considered bidding for the Olympic Stadium post 2012 as a regular,Nuteral venue for Finals and maybe an extra test ground (similar to Wembley or Twickenham), My logic in using it as a Finals ground is as i said it would be nuteral, and I can't help thinking that if the Host County such as Middlesex or whoever host the 20/20 finals day, If they reach that stage of the competition they have an unfair advantage.

A: No, not been asked before. Don't think that has seriously been considered. Footbll bids from West Ham and Tottenham seem the favourites

Q: I would like to know how the team gets the grass stains out of their whites? Is it something special that is used and could I get the same for my son's cricket team? Abby from Bolton

A: Hello Abby. don't think there's any magic ingredient here, sorry!

Q: hello,my name is rohit shastri and iam from india.iam really wanting to know can i get the cricket DVDs of England you produce in any way here in india? your response will be highly appreciated.thank you

A: Hello Rohit. Don't know what's on sale in the Indian market, but you should be able to buy items online in UK for shipping overseas

Q: At the end of the final Ashes warm up game against Australia A, The Commentators mentioned a 20/20 game between a Cricket Australia Xl and a team voted for by the fans, Would that work over here?

A: Possibly. But there's already criticism of there being too much cricket each summer, so be hard to justify adding that to the calendar!