Question and Answer : Watching cricket


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Q: Can a team, Batting first, Declare in a Limited Overs Game?

A: That will depend on the regulations of the competition they are playing in

Q: Can you please tell me what the cost of admission is for the ecb national indoor cricket finals at Lords on Sunday 14th March. Thanks

A: Totally free! come along and enjoy the day!

Q: Can you please tell me if a date has been set for the finals of the 2010 Indoor 6 a side championships held at Lords. Also are spectators welcome to come and watch the finals. Thanks

A: Have just been confirmed as March 14 at Lord's. Play will commence at 11am. Spectators very welcome

Q: What have or are the ECB doing for 'Help for Heros' In the last Year to 18 Months I've seen Charity Football and Rugby Matches but nothing about Cricket, I was thinking of a 20/20 Game between maybe a combined Services Xl and a Celebrity Xl including maybe some current and former ECB stars, Contracts and other Commitments permitting of Course.

A: ECB has no plans in this area. ECB already has many other major ongoing charitable commitments, such as Cricket Against Hunger which we'd urge you to support

Q: I am goin to watch middlesex play on the 31st of this month an am wondering what are the rules on bringin in drink and food into the ground an how much will i be allowed of each? thankyou

A: Please contact Middlesex or MCC (re Lord's) direct to get the most up to date info

Q: Hi A slightly further in the future Ashes question here: Has it been decided when the next English soil Ashes series is going to be? 2012 or 2013? I'm hoping to bring my family over to watch Australia v England at Lords during that series, have to plan ahead and save with Airlines costing what they do from Australia to the UK. Thanks

A: Hello. Sorry, a bit too far ahead as that's beyond the currently agreed ICC future tours programme - see Tours and tourists

Q: I am coming to watch the Women's game at Lord's tomorrow and I would like to bring a bottle of wine with me to drink during the day. I'm buying a ticket on hte gate so I can't check the ticket for restrictions. Can you let me know if this is OK? It was last time I went to Lord's to watch a Test match but things change so quickly I thought I'd better check! Debbie Beesley

A: Hi. Here's what it says on MCC website under ground regulations - Small quantities of alcohol may be brought into the Ground, under the supervision of MCC who reserve the right to confiscate any quantity of alcohol from any spectator, and return it to such spectator at the end of the day’s play. The MCC Committee has set a limit of two pints of beer or one 75cl bottle of wine per spectator. Amounts of alcohol in excess of the limit will be confiscated. Under no circumstances will any spectator be re-admitted to the Ground at any time during the day if he or she is in possession of any alcohol. See for more info

Q: Sorry if a silly question but i've purchased my father tickets to watch the cricket on the 1st August. He's quite particular with his food so I just wanted to check that you allow people to bring food into the ground? Many thanks Claire

A: Hello Claire. Not silly at all. Yes, food is fine. There should be some terms and conditions printed with / or on your tickets which detail what restrictions there are, particularly around drinks.

Q: Hi, I've noticed there are a limited amount of Ground Admission tickets available for the 2nd test against Australia. How do these work? Do they just give you access to the ground with no seat or are you allocated a seat at random? Paul

A: Hi Paul - you need to contact MCC direct to discuss ticket conditions/sales at Lord's with them

Q: Bearing in mind the comments by Giles Clarke regarding Pro40 during the 2008 Season where is the logic in keeping it for another Seasonn I'm sure it's the least watched form of the game and theonly 1 thats not played Internationally

A: We're not sure what comments you're referring to; but NatWest pro40 will run during season 2009, for the final time; and will be competitively fought out by all the counties, as are all domestic competitions